Monster Hunter World cracked: Denuvo not much successful against piracy

Monster Hunter World crack

Denuvo is a protection against piracy that has many games to this day, and that in its premiere was postulated as the best option, although in many cases it was shown that it markedly reduced the performance in the games. However, as new important titles to the market are coming out, it is not long until some group of hackers breaks Denuvo’s protection and launches the cracked game, as in this case has been CODEX with the game Monster Hunter World.

In this case it has been more time since the launch of the game than with other titles, such as FIFA 19 or the most famous of all, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which was cracked only 5 days after its release. In the case of Monster Hunter World, which was launched on August 9, 113 days have passed until finally the hacker group CODEX has broken the protection of Denuvo and has published the cracked game.

The fact is that no matter how much effort they put into anti-piracy systems like Denuvo, even making them constantly connected to the internet sending information or consuming system resources to the detriment of performance to perform checks, in the end they are all useless to these groups of hackers They are committed to promoting free software and, why not say it, exposing the companies that put obstacles to it, such as Denuvo.

The scene is a community of hackers or groups of hackers, like the well-known CPY, CODEX or FCKDRM, that although they always indicate that they crack the games for fun and invite you to buy them originals, in the end they are promoting how-piracy by exposing each and every one of the anti-piracy protection systems.

Since its inception Denuvo has been the most controversial anti-piracy system of all, and have used all methods at their disposal to prevent cracking the games “protected” by this system: from forcing the user to be permanently connected to the internet -and sending information in a constant way- until the processor of the user’s PC is the one that executes an algorithm to make constant checks, doing in this last case that the performance in the game is reduced notably.

This situation can be a double – edged sword : while the scene continues to make available to users the latest free games and bring out the leading developers of systems anti piracy could be several situations: that game developers decide that Denuvo is useless and stop using it, or that every time they put more severe measures and that they restrict more the use of the games, something that in the end will very probably harm -because in fact it already does it- even those who buy the original software in a totally licit way.

I always remember Assassin’s Creed Origins, with Denuvo, game in which who originally had had worse performance than who had hacked (since the pirated did not have the “protection” of Denuvo)…

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