Oregon Scientific upgrades their 7 inch MEEP! tablet. The new MEEP! X2 educational tablet features dual core chip, 4GB of storage plus microSD card, two cameras, HDMI port, android 4.2 software with custom parental controls and sells for just $150.

MEEP! X2 kid tablet

MEEP! X2 kids tablet

The Jelly Bean software loads a custom skin making it kids-friendly. The tablet has access to MEEP! store for all sorts of educational apps and games. Many eBooks, apps, and games from Cartoon Network, Toon Goggles and the like are already pre-loaded.

On a hardware side, the MEEP! X2 kid tablet is run by 1.2GHz dual-core processor with 1GB of RAM. The connectivity is handled via Wi-Fi b/g/n and dual mode Bluetooth 4.0. HDMI port can be used to connect to TV or a larger monitor.

Toys R Us sells this MEEP! X2 children’s tablet exclusively for $150. The older model MEEP! tablet now sells for $100. Engadget has the MEEP! X2 press release.