Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset: new lightweight headphones

Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset review

Logitech G, the gaming brand of the peripheral company has announced the Logitech G PRO Headset Gaming Headset, which offers audio performance and various functionalities valid for use in eSports. The new addition to the Logitech G PRO product line has a low weight, is robust and very comfortable. These headphones feature the Pro-G drivers for quality audio, synthetic leather pads that ensure great noise isolation and a high-quality microphone. With more advanced speakers gamers can get to hear the footsteps of the enemies in great detail. This new headset has been chosen as the official headset for the CS ESL: GO Pro League, One and Primership. The Logitech G advanced Pro-G drives are manufactured in a hybrid mesh and when combined with the Logitech G audio profiles they are able to give very good low and high levels and incredibly low levels of distortion. These headphones provide 50% more noise reduction than the Logitech G so nothing distracts you from your games. Synthetic leather pads give a very good passive sound isolation, which improves sound clarity and volume. This material will make the pads very comfortable too.

The microphone of these headphones uses a filter and microphone that allow the recording of the clear voice like crystal. This microphone has noise cancellation and an improved arm that allows you to place it in the position you need. It has a wide frequency of response and high sensitivity that improve the previous headphones of the brand. This device is compatible with computers, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and mobile phones.

Specifications of the Logitech G PRO headphones

Driver: hybrid mesh PRO-G
Neodymium magnet
Response frequency 20Hz – 20KHz
Impedance of 32 Ohm
Sensitivity of 107dB at 1 KHz
16 dB noise isolation
Cable length of 2 meters
Nylon protector
Reinforced fiberglass nylon joint
Stainless steel slipper
Synthetic leather pads
Additional microbe pads
Directivity: Cardioid (Omnidirectional)
Type: Rear Electret condenser
Size 4 mm
Response frequency: 100 Hz to 10 KHz

The sale price of these Logitech G PRO headphones is $ 89.99 and is expected to be available in April 2018.

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