Logic Supply CL100 specs overview: Logic Supply launches new mini PC CL100

Logic Supply CL100 specs review

Logic Supply has presented a few days ago its new model mini PC, CL100 , a completely silent by not including any fans in the box, rather small, which is based on the use of the processor system Intel Celeron N3150 employing an internally core “Braswell” only 6 W consumption and which is manufactured using the 14 nm node currently employs Intel processors for all.

This tiny desktop fanless is completely installed within a housing made ​​of aluminum box personalized way for him and you do turn often heat sink by employing the Hardshell technology patented Logic Supply. With this technology, a double connector which is in contact at one end with the IHS processor and on the other with the box, allows heat transfer between the two surfaces. Since the box will have a number of extruded aluminum fins, it acts as a giant sink without further recourse to complicated facilities heatpipes.

Logic Supply CL100 review

The dimensions of the new Logic Supply are 116.75 mm x 36.7 mm x 112 mm, making it one of the smallest models on the market of mini PCs. But also, the fact of using an aluminum housing also makes one of the lighter but robust models market away enough of the Chinese models employing considerably less potent than the CL100 employing processors.

Logic Supply CL100 reviews

Inside you will find an Intel Celeron N3150 quad-core processor running at 1.6GHz base speed but can climb Turbo Boost up to 2.08 GHz and 2 GB of memory DDR3L including using one of the two slots SO -DIMM motherboard and can be expanded up to 16 GB and a 32 GB SSD mSATA whose capacity can vary when ordering for another model up to 512 GB.

Screen connections CL100 include two HDMI and Display Port ports. Network Connectivity includes a Gigabit Ethernet connection and a mPCIe slot in which the user could add your own WLAN WiFi card to provide connectivity to the CL100. Four USB 3.0 ports (one of C type on the front and three type A), complete the rest of connectors. The base model starts at $ 347.

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