Kingmax Zeus DDR4 RAM released

Kingmax Zeus DDR4

If you are one of those users who like to boast of aesthetics inside your PC you will like this news, because Kingmax has announced the launch of the new family of RAM Zeus , available in three colors and with an aesthetic that leaves one indifferent.

The three colors available in these new Kingmax Zeus are red, blue and silver color verging on bronze (silver have called it cool for some reason). It is a comprehensive family of RAM DDR4 will be available in different capacities and speeds from kits at 2800 Mhz to 3000 Mhz and with capacities of 4, 8 and 16 GB per module (logically can be purchased in kits up 128 GB (8x16GB).

It is a RAM quality designed to overclock on them without many setbacks, thanks both to the use of a dissipating large aluminum construction facilitating rapid dissipation of heat generated, as by the use of chips Micron memory of the highest quality. What Kingmax has not said is the date of arrival in stores, so we have to wait to see it and of course price.

Kingmax Zeus DDR4 RAM

In addition to these reports, if you look a little on the image above Kingmax it has also announced the launch of two new products. On the one hand we have a USB flash drive 2.0 OTG which will be available in capacities up to 64GB, designed for mobile phones, tablets and laptops, and on the other hand their new SSDs SMQ that will be available in capacities up to 480 GB and use memory TLC NAND Flash from Toshiba, solid state devices coming to market for the input range so hopefully we can see them at very competitive prices.

There is little information on these two new products, so when we know all the details you will get.

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