i9 7980XE overclocked to 6.1GHz, consumed 1000W power

Core i9 7980XE overclocking

Der8auer, one of the most famous and respected overclockers in the current scene, has taken over Intel’s new top-of-the-range processor, the Core i9 7980XE , and has undergone one of its extreme overclock sessions using liquid nitrogen to to cool it. Yes, it has reached 6.1 GHz, but it has also done so with a very high consumption. Generally when trying to beat the overclocking records in a processor, many of the cores and hyperthreading (or similar) of the processor are often deactivated. In order to give this one greater ability to upload frequency. This is quite common practice. However, Der8auer has opted to overclock by keeping all components active. That is, both the 18 cores and the 38 threads that the processor has.

Perhaps for this reason it seems really impressive that this overclocker has managed to take the processor up to 6.1 GHz. That is not turkey mucus, since its base frequency is 2.6 Ghz. That is, it has more than doubled. Not surprisingly, therefore, the scores of this Core i9 7980XE have shot up to 5635 cb in the Cinebench R15 multi thread test. Or the 257 cb in the test.

To reach these frequencies, Der8auer had to resort to raising the Vcore of Core i9 7980XE to 1.45 V. That may not seem not too. But to make the overclocking stable he resorted to using a pot full of liquid nitrogen, with which he was able to lower the resting temperature of the processor to -100 ° C. Perhaps more impressive, too, was that at full load the processor stayed at a temperature of 0 ° C. Or what is the same, the temperature went up 100 ° C without problems. That yes, measuring using an aerometric clamp on the EPS + 12V power cable, the consumption of the processor at 5.5 GHz was 70 A. Or what is the same: 840 W only consumed by the processor. Although when they arrived at 6 GHz, values and consumption they soared to 1,000 W. Consuming that power bait, he certainly had to use larger diameter cables than those that usually come in traditional power supplies.

It is clear that the new Intel Core i9 7980XE is going to be the most profitable processor in the market. He relegated the title to the TR 1950X and by a substantial margin. But now what we all want to see are the normal performance tests of this processor. Because you can not forget that this processor costs twice as much as the TR 1950X.

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