HTC Windows RT tablets

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htc windows rt tablets

HTC news have been covering the news apps all over lately as they broke a year long 45 percent decline in sales while producing some of the best android smartphones around.

Yes, HTC also sells window phone 8X and 8S handset, which must not do so well for HTC as they turned their back on large screen HTC windows phone phablets and instead decided to develop android HTC M7 with an amazing 4.7-inch, SoLux display with 468 ppi pixel density.

Slashgear now got a wind of 7-inch and a 12-inch Windows RT tablets, that HTC is evidently working on. Both tablets will have the same Windows RT os as seen on Microsoft Surface tablets.

7-inch Windows RT tablet will go head to head with against Google Nexus 7, Amazon Fire HD and iPad mini. To compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD with intel based windows 8 tablet in 7-inch format is simply cost prohibitive so we gather there would be Windows RT used on new HTC tablet.

Both HTC Windows RT tablets can also make phone calls via Bluetooth headsets. The target release is third quarter of 2012. The sources here are unnamed, HTC has not confirmed or denied the rumor, so take this info for what it is, just a rumor.

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