Helio X30 is the new 10nm SoC from MediaTek

Helio X30 review

MediaTek has announced that it has its next SoC top end , the Helio X30 , currently under development.This new processor for mobile and tablets hit the market in early 2017 and will be the first manufacturer to be made ​​with lithography 10 nanometers . In this article I will explain how is this new MediaTek Helio X30.

To begin, as will suppose reducing lithography chip 10 nanometers means that a greater number of transistors are integrated in a smaller space, and therefore significantly improves energy efficiency, or in other words, the processor has a better performance with lower consumption, something appreciated especially considering that will be equipped on mobile devices whose autonomy depends on the battery.

Helio X30

In addition, since the announcement and estimated availability dates, Helio X30 will not only be the first 10 nm processor MediaTek, but probably the first in the industry because Intel has delayed the release of its Cannonlake platform. Qualcomm is also about to announce the production of 10 nm chips in their factories, but so far have not even estimated dates.

We go to the heart of the matter. The MediaTek Helio X30 processor core will be a deca (10 cores) will work with three blocks distributed as follows:

* A compound of two cores Cortex-A72 high performance block, operating at 2.8 Ghz. They will only be activated when the requirements of the applications that we are running very high.
* Another block composed of four Cortex-A53 cores running at 2.2 Ghz. This block also remain inactive until we run applications requiring higher performance.
* The third block is also composed of four cores but these will Cortex-A35 running at 2GHz. The four always be active for general consumption is lower cores, and will be able to overrun way to give most normal applications we use on a smartphone service, including video playback.

In addition, the Helio X30 will have a new GPU PowerVR 7 support for up to 8 GB of RAM memory and storage LPDDR4 UFS 2.1 high-speed format. According to the head of operations MediaTek, they are working to integrate SoC also a modem that improve performance and increase compatibility with mobile broadband networks.

At first everything it seems to have very good, although as always will wait for 2017 to come out the first devices equipped with this Helio X30 to check if it works as well as paints the moment of truth.

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