Gigabyte Z390 motherboard leaked, looks impressive

Gigabyte Z390 motherboard

The image of the first Gigabyte motherboard made with the Z390 chipset, the new chip manufactured to work alongside Intel’s ninth-generation processors, has been leaked. The different companies are taking advantage to change the names of their products and, for example, this new motherboard will replace the Gigabyte Gaming 3 – the lower range model.

So do not be alarmed by the image, we are looking at one of the cheapest plates manufactured by Gigabyte within its brand Aorus in ATX format. In the specifications of this we do not find large components, but we do have an idea of ​​what we will see in them. As it is a renewal, we do not have big news either.

However, despite being cheap, this motherboard can be attractive to many users with tight budgets. It has a heatsink for the M.2 port, RAM slots reinforced with aluminum and a PCIe port also reinforced, it has a RGB connector and a VRM 12 + 1 phase. In addition, in its external design we find a shield of the input / output ports.

At the moment this is the first Gigabyte model with the Z390 chipset, so there will be better versions that will offer higher range specifications. As we have said we have a low price model within the Aorus and does not have certain components such as the Wi-Fi module, better lighting, more components or better exterior design.

If we continue analyzing the image, we see that it has four PCIe 3.0 x4 slots and 6 SATA III ports. We found another M.2 port, this without a heatsink. An orange LED that marks different points circulates throughout the plate.

Renowned full of Gigabyte models

If you want to know the full name and names of Gigabyte, we leave you a list below:

The Aorus Gaming 9 is renamed Aorus Xtreme
The Aorus Gaming 7, become the Aorus Master
The Aorus Gaming 5, will be known as Aorus Ultra
The Aorus Ultra Gaming becomes Aorus Pro
The Aorus Gaming 3, as you know, will be called Aorus Elite
The Aorus microATX and mini ITX models become “Aorus Pro WiFi” and “Aorus M”

This chipset is the first chipset that has retro compatibility in Intel, so we can use our processors of the eighth and ninth generation on the same motherboard. A move that Intel has been forced to perform by AMD’s strategy.

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