Gigabyte AORUS M5: new 16,000 DPI RGB gaming mouse and Omrom switches

Gigabyte AORUS M5

Gigabyte has announced the launch of the new mouse within the AORUS brand, this new model is called the Gigabyte AORUS M5 Gaming Mouse. This new gaming mouse will allow us to adjust the weight of the device in a very simple way to adapt it to our needs.

Gigabyte has expanded its catalog of gaming mice by adding the AORUS M5 to it. With this new mouse we can enjoy long hours of play in a very ergonomic design. Regardless of the grip we have when using it, whether palm or claw.

As usual in gaming mice, we have a complete RGB LED lighting system. The scroll wheel, the AORUS logo and the mouse side will illuminate. We can configure the lighting of this product through the AORUS Engine program, and synchronize the lighting of the different peripherals and components that we have AORUS RGB.

With the AORUS Engine program we can program all the buttons of this mouse, calibrate the response of the surface on which we are working and adjust the DPI of this optical mouse. All the configurations we make will be stored in a 32-bit ARM processor.

Gigabyte AORUS M5 specs

In sensor that includes the new mouse is a Pixart 3389 that is capable of reaching 400 ips and has an acceleration of 50 G. In addition, increases in DPI can be done very accurately, 50 in 50. To adjust the weight we can go from 118 grams to 130.5 grams. Depending on the weight distribution we make, we can also change its center of gravity.

To facilitate our way of playing, we find up to 5 programmable buttons on the mouse. Three of them in the right lateral zone and two of them in the upper part under the scroll. So we can choose which buttons we find most comfortable to use.

Specifications of the new Gigabyte AORUS M5 gaming mouse

Optical sensor: Pixart 3389
Sensitivity: from 50 to 16000 dpi
Refresh rate: 125/150/1000 Hz
Up to 400 ips
Maximum acceleration 50 G
DPI change button
Button duration: 50 million pulses
Dimensions: 128 x 72 x 43 mm
Weight: 118 grams to 130.5 grams
Cable length: 1.8 meters

The company has not yet given the exact launch date, nor the price for which the new gaming mouse will come out, which becomes the third in the catalog of this type of peripherals developed by the brand.

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