Garmin Oregon Series 700, 750 and 750t is a portable GPS for trekking and hiking

Garmin Oregon Series 700 750 750t review

Hiking and trekking are among the disciplines practiced during the summer, because they are ideal activities for a holiday in touch with nature. And it is all the outdoor adventure enthusiasts Garmin presents three new models of the series Oregon , portable GPS for the outdoors with innovative functions for every kind of adventure: 700, 750 and 750t.

Several new features in the famous line, including the renovated and redesigned GPS antenna for receiving an even more precise in every situation, and revolutionary function Active Weather that allows you to get information on weather radar images, updated in real time to be able to organize your trips to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The new Oregon 700, 750 and 750t support Smart Notification to not lose SMS, calls and e-mails , receiving them directly from your compatible smartphone, and automatic updates. A practical way to stay in touch with family and friends wherever you are. They are also the first portable devices to be compatible with the platform Garmin Connect, where you can download the details of your trip, and Connect IQ, to customize with new data fields, as well as apps and widgets available from October 2016. All models predict a world map cartographic base with non-navigable reliefs, while the Oregon 750t adds preloaded map Active Topo Europe with Routing functions, Round Trip Routing and Routing Active. Obviously every new Oregon has a micro SD slot in which to place all the TOPO maps from Garmin.

The new series Oregon 700, 750 and 750t features a high-sensitivity GPS, and is also compatible with the Russian satellite system GLONASS. This ensures even more accurate acquisition of the signal and therefore extremely reliable indication of its position, as well as to maintain the fix problems or even in the most inaccessible areas. Moreover, all new models of the Oregon 700 series have preloaded a world map with shaded relief allowing you to have the exact geographical point with a single glance and in geo-referenced manner. Provide a free one-year subscription to the service of satellite images Birds-Eye , for precise and detailed terrain views in high resolution and real-life details.

Provided accommodation for micro SD card to store more information and to see additional maps like cartography Trek Map V4 PRO with Active Routing . All three models are equipped with the innovative navigation calculation Round Trip Routing which allows you to program, a ring and a desired number of kilometers, a hike directly from the device by minimizing the time, distance or driving uphill. Function active right now with Oregon 750t thanks to pre-installed map Topo Active, is ideal for those who are always in search of new routes to discover and go, with all the reliability and safety guaranteed by Garmin instrumentation.

All devices of the new Oregon 700 series are equipped with ABC sensors, ie altimeter, barometer and compass 3-axis ( “Altimeter”, “Barometer” and “Compass”) is vital for living outdoors in a conscious way. The barometric altimeter records the changes in pressure to provide precise data on the share; through the barometer you can predict weather changes, while the electronic 3-axis compass helps hikers to maintain the right way, even when you are not moving. It is an updated and simplified version of the interface menu that offers a variety of profiles optimized for different activities (hiking, cycling, climbing, geocaching, fishing) and the possibility of customization according to need and the activities.

Strong point of the new Oregon is definitely the innovative feature Active Weather , which provides forecasts and updates weather info in real time: a useful function that allows you to plan a trip depending on weather conditions, putting hikers in a position to check the feasibility or otherwise of a hike. Active Weather is available in England, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria and Slovenia, with partial coverage of the North Italy.

The devices of the new Oregon 700 series is the first handheld GPS to be compatible with the Connect IQ platform , until now only available for wearable Garmin. Through Connect IQ the user can customize your Oregon with the most different data fields and, from October, will also be available widgets and app dedicated to the outdoor world. Do not forget the Smart Notification through which you can receive directly from their smartphones warning messages such as email, SMS, incoming calls and push notifications and view them directly on your mobile device.

The Oregon 700, 750, 750t come with a screen touchscreen 3-inch dual-orientation , color, and even easy to read in direct sunlight. The coefficient IPX7 water resistance makes them usable with the rain and in the toughest weather conditions. The only two Oregon 750 and Oregon 750t models have an 8 megapixel camera built to take geo-tagged images; a practical flash intervenes in insufficient natural light conditions and, if necessary, converts into a handy torch. Expected a dual battery system that integrates the AA batteries with a NiMH rechargeable battery (optional): the combination of the two solutions will provide up 16 hours of continuous use.

The new Oregon 700, 750 and 750t are available in the best stores at a recommended retail price of EUR 449.99, EUR 549.99 and EUR 599.99 respectively.

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