FriendlyARM NanoPC-T3 is based on Samsung S5P6818 SoC

FriendlyARM NanoPC-T3 review

FriendlyARM announces a new development board called NanoPC-T3 that embeds an interesting SoC with Samsung S5P6818. A solution architected eight cores in ARM Cortex-A53 64-bit. The solution will be developed in 1 or 2 GB of RAM and will carry a storage via the usual microSDXC card reader.

The solution will be offered at $ 60 in its basic version and will run various Linux solutions. Images of Debian and Ubuntu are available for card and a version for Android.

The NanoPC-T3 features a classic Wifi 802.11b / g / n with an antenna connection IPS, Bluetooth 4.0 and Gigabit Ethernet controlled by a Realtek chipset classic. The usual development of connectors: 30 GPIO pins, an LVDS connector, a connector for RGB LCD, a MIPI-CSI, and a DVP connector. Two camera connectors therefore to drive two modules in parallel.

FriendlyARM NanoPC-T3

USB 2.0 ports are present, as well as an audio jack port, an embedded microphone and HDMI 1.4a output. The dimensions are very traditional: 10 cm wide and 6 cm deep. Power is 5 volts via a conventional connector or via a battery into a standard outlet. Note that the PMU of the card is a AXP228 manages software programs: Possible to wake the NanoPC-T3 to time as programmed in software to turn it off.

As usual with FriendlyARM, you will find a comprehensive Wiki about the map that will detail many of his technical and software.

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