EVGA 750PQ, 850PQ, 1000PQ are new Platinum power supplies


EVGA has introduced a new series of power supplies, characterized by being all sources of high power and efficiency 80+ Platinum in all its models. The new EVGA PQ employ semi- modular wiring for their connectors, and very high-end internal components, to ensure the best performance for their users. Given the investment they are making in the development of increasingly efficient components, energetically speaking, on the part of the manufacturers, the power sources of very high power have for a time been no longer part of the internal panorama of the cash registers. computer. There is more to think that many systems that assemble high-end components only require sources of at least 500 W to be able to function properly.

Therefore, power supplies such as the new EVGA PQ have to go to other types of configurations, probably more special. And, although we do not rule out its use in teams that are dedicated to the overclock in a more or less professional way, let’s say that the configurations that nowadays consume the most power are the configurations with numerous graphic cards. Yes, crypto currency mining is the place where a 1000 W power supply with high energy efficiency will be able to demonstrate its full value without problems.


The new series of power supplies EVGA PQ are manufactured in three powers only: 750, 850 and 1000 W. In all cases, the energy efficiency is 80+ Platinum, which means that the minimum efficiency of the sources is 90 %, even in conditions of very low workload, which is how much longer a power source with normal use usually passes. The maximum efficiency of this standard is reached with 50% of the workload, when it rises up to 94% (at least for the voltage that is supplied in the European Union). In this sense, these new sources use a 135 mm fan in its lower part that features silent bearings of the Fluid Dynamic Bearing type and that is programmed to start up from average workloads. This adds a plus of low sonority to these power supplies.


Another characteristic of the EVGA PQ is that the wiring they use is of the semimodular type, having the cable that goes to the ATX connector of 24 pins, soldered to the internal PCB of the source. The rest of the cables are modular and of the flat type, so that it is easier to manage and manage them inside the boxes. At the moment, the only place where we have been able to see for sale this new series of sources EVGA PQ is on the website of the manufacturer, with the following prices:

EVGA 750 PQ: $ 139.99.
EVGA 850 PQ: $ 159.99.
EVGA 1000 PQ: $ 209.99.

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