Download War Tortoise for iPhone

In War Tortoise for iPhone, one takes control of the mighty war tortoise which is a tank loaded heavy artillery which it uses to kill its enemy forces. This is a unique mix of gaming that anyone can play and enjoy. This is a mix of shooter and idle game. You can download it for free on your iPhone.

Download War Tortoise for iPhone

War Tortoise for iPhone review:

Compatible with both iPhone and iPad, the War Tortoise lets you customize your game play with powerful perks and you get to discover eight new worlds with different times of day and weather. The developer has coded an auto play mode for the times you are feeling lazy.

War Tortoise  has incredible 3D graphics and you can watch the entire watch unfold in front of your eyes like never before. You will really love its graphics and its amazing game mechanics. I love its timer and think it is a great idea as without it the game would have got pretty boring.

I also love the fact that you can restart a generation and get a little bit further each time. Clearly a five start game for iPhone.

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