Download Disney Crossy Road for iPhone

Disney Crossy Roads is a nice little game where you help the little pixelated version of Mickey Mouse to help cross the road. You swipe left, right, up and bottom to control the direction of the character. I personally think that Disney Crossy Road is an amazing for passing time. The characters are incredibly cute and adorable but in case you are a new player, you will be spending thirty minutes of your time getting 100 coins and then the game will give you the character that you already have – a Mickey Mouse.

Download Disney Crossy Road for iPhone

That said, once you get a character you already have, you will be able to get these blue coins that are square in shape and have ‘P’ on them.

Once you pass 500 coins, you will get the blue points on a blue prize machine giving you a brand new character. The latest version adds Mowgli, Baloo, and King Louie characters. Another nice thing about the Disney Cross Road is that it is totally free.

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