Dell Precision 15, 17 with Intel Xeon E3-1545 / 1575 launched

Dell Precision 15 17 with Intel Xeon E3-1545 E3-1575 Review

Last fall , Dell has launched a new stylish range of Dell Precision mobile workstations designed specifically for professionals who need to manage critical workloads. These devices joined the beauty of a lighter and thinner form factor in a stylish design and brilliant display , in addition to outstanding performance in terms of graphics , speed of memory and storage guaranteed by the new processors. The response from customers has been extremely positive.

Six months later, Dell is pleased to announce updates to the Dell Precision mobile workstation line, now equipped with memory, speed and more computing power.

Portable Dell Precision workstation series 7000, and in particular the models Dell Precision 15 7510 and Dell Precision 17, 7710 , it will have two of the recently announced Intel Xeon processors, the ‘E3-1545 and E3-1575 v5 v5 , which will provide up 20% more performance than their predecessors for individual workloads and multi-thread. Intel Xeon processors are the most powerful in the Dell Mobile range and allow each core and computational thread access to 128MB of additional memory media with the efficiency of the Iris Pro graphics card, plus include management capabilities and hardware-enhanced security to better protect data and reduce operating costs.

Dell Precision 15, 17

Prices vary considerably: € 465.50 more for a Xeon E3-1545 and well € 1,123.50 more (even pro-rated with 250 € per month) for the Xeon E3-1575.
And that’s not all: thanks to close cooperation with partners, the mobile workstation 7510 and 7710 will be the only ones with the SuperSpeed ​​memory , ie up to 32GB of memory at 2667MHz DDR4 that will ensure superior performance by 23% compared to their predecessors. This option is not yet available on the automatic configuration for the 15-inch model, but only for the 17-inch with an additional cost of € 144 (16GB) and 424 € (32GB).

Other updates in the course of ad include those related to mobile workstations Dell Precision 15 5510 has now (optionally) a processor Intel Core i5-6440HQ for € 95 extra on the base price, and availability of the Dell Reliable Memory Technology Pro on models Dell Precision, and Precision 15 3510 and 7510 17 7710 with support ECC memory to ensure data protection. At the moment this solution is only available on Precision 7000 with prices ranging from 86GB (8GB) to € 1,255 (64GB).

These exclusive innovations will enable users to make the rendering workload CAE (computer-aided engineering) more quickly and efficiently than ever. Both multi-threaded or multi-core loads, these workstations will be able to take advantage of the extra memory to enable seamless management of intensive computational operations. Think of the time saved in production studio or architecture through faster calculations and more often secured from memory. With this update, Dell will meet the needs of its customers, after listening to them carefully, giving continuity to the offer appropriate solutions for creative professionals with Dell Precision.

It is an exciting time for those who make a profession creativity. Thanks to all the new technologies and upcoming solutions on the market, industry professionals now have the most comprehensive and powerful tools than ever. Film-makers, artists, designers and engineers can explore their creativity using fundamental innovations such as virtualization , virtual reality and that increased. Dell listens to the needs of its customers all the time, working hard to provide them with solutions that provide the performance needed to complete faster and easier way of all projects.

In the spring, Dell has unveiled the PC configurations enabled for virtual reality, introducing the first Precision Tower Workstations VR-ready. Workstations Dell Precision Tower and Rack 7910 have been updated with the new processors Intel Xeon E5-2600 (Broadwell) , offering more cores and performance for multi-threaded applications, ideal for modeling, analysis and professional computing. Dell Precision workstations were also used for animations of the recent “Angry Birds The Movie”.

The goal of Dell is to give life to the best products that help customers to work better. These performance enhancements allow them to be at the top in its field, while the price of competitive sale allows the spread of technology on a larger scale than in the past. Dell Precision raises the level of innovation and continues to meet all customer needs.

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