CoronaVirus: Disinfect PC and laptop to protect yourself from COVID-19

CoronaVirus Disinfect PC and laptop

It is always important to have a clean PC and laptop, but now with the threat of COVID-19 it is more important than ever to disinfect them and more frequently if possible, since given the state of alarm and the confinement that this entails, it is causing us to pass much longer than usual at home.

In this article we are going to teach you how to disinfect your PC and laptop, it never hurts to take all the precautions you can.

The gamers spend a considerable amount of time in front of the PC or the console, but now many more people are working from home due to coronavirus outbreak. Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, it has been strongly recommended to extend the cleaning of objects around us, so you can imagine that the PC is one of the components on which we must focus cleaning efforts today.

Of course, the first advice that we are going to give you before anything is that you wash your hands with soap and water frequently, this is something essential to avoid the transmission of the virus.

We are going to list the products that you will need in an ideal way to disinfect your PC and peripherals. Actually, all of them are recommended but they can actually be replaced.

disinfect computer keyboard

For example, cleaning brushes can be replaced by an old toothbrush, microfiber cloths with other rags you have around the house, and isopropyl alcohol with another non-abrasive disinfectant you have.

Disinfect your PC and protect yourself from the COVID-19 with these products

Compressed air spray

This product is not essential but it will help us to have better hygiene, especially on the keyboard.

Isopropyl alcohol

It is expensive, but the bottle is one liter and will last you a very long time. In addition, it is what we are going to use to clean practically everything.

Microfiber cloths

Surely you do not need as many microfiber cloths just to clean the PC and its peripherals, but since they are cheap and they come in packs, they never hurt because they will help you clean anything else, not just the PC.

Cleaning brushes

They are also not essential, but they come in handy to clean rest of the devices.

How to disinfect the keyboard of PC or laptop?

The keyboard is surely that peripheral of the PC, along with the mouse, that can be more filled with viruses and bacteria, since it is the one we use the most.

To disinfect PC keyboard or laptop keyboard, it is best to start by disconnecting it from the PC, and, placing it on its side on the garbage, spray it with the compressed air spray in the direction of the garbage so that the dirt falls into it, cleaning well through all the nooks and crannies.

Once you’re satisfied with the compressed air, do the same with a cleaning brush to finish removing all the crap.

How to disinfect the mouse or laptop’s touchpad?

Along with the keyboard, the mouse is the component most prone to fill with bacteria and viruses since it is in permanent contact with the hand.

Fortunately, it is much easier to clean as you can use a cloth soaked in isopropyl alcohol and rub the entire surface of the mouse. If you want to make sure, also use the brushes for the nooks and crannies.