Core i9 release date: i9-7800X i9-7920X – i9 skylake and i9 kabylake processors

Core i9 release date i9-7800X i9-7920X

At a private event, Intel revealed that it would be launching the Intel Core i9 processor in both skylake and kabylake architecture. Intel Core i9 release date is June 2017 which is when it will be up for grabs and manufactures can buy and use them in their upcoming models. The first two models in i9 range will be hexa core i9-7800X and 12 core i9-7920X, both of which have whopping 140 watt TDP and quad channel DDR4-2666 memory with hyperthreading support. Both i9-7800X and i9-7920X are skylake but Intel will be launching quad core kabylake i9 processors with 112 watts TDP soon too.

There are no i9 benchmarks available right now so we could not compare them to the top end i7 desktop and laptop processors. AMD Ryzen is giving Intel a run for their money by offering similar performance at a much lower price tag so it will be interesting to see how this fares out for Intel.

Expecting Intel to launch them at the upcoming Computex 2017 event slated to be held in Taipei, Taiwan in June.

For almost ten years, Intel has been classifying their processor range in alphanumeric scheme where it mentioned the brand and then its modifier. Until now, the best performance was seen in i7 processors but soon that will change as well with the introduction of i9 range.

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