Cooler Master MasterBox MB530P: box with programmable RGB LED lighting and tempered glass

Cooler Master MasterBox MB530P

Cooler Master, one of the manufacturers of computer cases with greater longevity within the DIY computer market, has just presented its new MasterBox MB530P Cooler Master box, for which it makes extensive use of tempered glass on three of its sides, more fans with lighting type programmable LED RGB by the user.

The new Semitorre Cooler Master MasterBox MB530P is a new model from this manufacturer that follows, at face value, the current trends in terms of design and functionality that the new model has integrated. Its front also has a continuation point with that of other models of the brand, with that large window of tempered glass, which allows to see the effects of RGB LED lighting of the fans when they are in operation.

As we have already mentioned, the LED RGB lighting of the fans is programmable and configurable from a button located on the front of the box, or it can be configured by connecting directly to the specific connectors on the motherboard, if it supports this type of lighting and connectors.

Cooler Master MasterBox MB530P specs

The new box Cooler Master is designed so that its inside is very large and allows installation without problems, components of high – end. For example, it supports the installation of tower-type heatsinks up to 165 mm in height, as well as graphics cards up to 410 mm in length. It also supports the installation of power supplies up to 180 mm in length.

It has also been wanted to give a preponderant role to ventilation, since the box admits up to 6 fans of 120 mm or 4 of 140 mm. The front grille has fairly wide side gills that allow passage unobstructed air to the inside of the box to improve the cooling of the components that users install it. And, continuing with the issue of ventilation and fans, the MasterBox 530P can install up to three radiators for cooling systems.liquid refrigeration, whether they are of the AIO type or of the open circuit type.

Another aspect that Cooler Master has included in this box is that, on the back, has left up to 23 mm of space to organize well the system cables behind the rear tray of the motherboard, apart from including a cover that It is responsible for hiding from sight many of the cables that are loose inside it.

Although Cooler Master has not provided the date on which the commercialization of the MasterBox 530P will begin, we do know that its price will be around 122 euros.

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