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Going green does not have to be costly, nor take too much of your time. By just switching up a few things, your home can use much less energy. The next few paragraphs will help you take full advantage of green energy, which will help you do your part to save the environment.

Try to use cold water for washing clothes. Almost 90 percent of energy consumed by washing machines is used when heating the water. If you are using good quality washing detergent, cold water is effective. In addition, remember to wash full loads to maximize energy efficiency.

To save on electricity costs and usage, be stingy about light usage. In the brighter months, don’t turn lights on until past a certain time. Use dimmers to cut down on light use, and use sensors and timers to make sure that lights aren’t kept on if no one is inside the room.

Make sure that your oven’s rubber seal is in good order. A break in the seal can put you at risk of wasting up to 50 percent more energy. So be sure you inspect the seal of the oven frequently.

Rechargeable Batteries

Use rechargeable batteries for all of your modern toys, instead of disposables. Traditional batteries generally end up in the trash, which heads to landfills; this can prove quite harmful to the environment. By utilizing rechargeable batteries, you can help keep the environment safe, while saving some extra cash. Over the course of their use, rechargeable batteries pay for themselves many times over.

Straw bales are a remarkably innovative option for green customers. They are a great way to provide insulation, and it’s inexpensive as well. If you would rather not have a home that is made of straw bales, think about adding an additional building that is.

To reduce the amount of energy refrigerators and freezers require, put them in a cool place. Do all you can to keep them away from heating vents or direct sunlight as this will raise the temperature and cause them to run longer.

Anyone can see benefits from using green energy, even if they don’t believe global warming is harmful. It saves you money on electricity and is a small change you can make to help make a difference.

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