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M-Audio M40


The M-Audio M40 is a top quality studio headphone that is used by many recording artists in the music industry. The name M40 refers to the 40mm drivers that are in each ear cup. This size gives the user a quality listening experience for only $59.99. The M40 will give you the real sound without reinventing or reinterpreting it. So if you listen to a music mix that doesn’t have bass in it, the M40 isn’t going to invent it for you. This realistic music experience helps both engineers and musicians perform better in their respective industries.

What is truly unique about M40 headphones is that their ear cups don’t cover the ear, but rather go onto the ear. The thick pads of the ear cups will make the experience of wearing them more comfortable for the user. The pads also isolate all of the ambient room noise to provide a better quality hearing experience. As for the actual look of the headphones, the exterior of the ear cups resemble a black vinyl record. Even though the looks of an ear cup are probably not as important as their performance, you still have to keep your fashion sense when running a studio. The material of the headphones consists of rubber, leather and flat cables. There is also a detachable cable that you can use to connect to each ear. For any beginning musician or someone on a budget, the M40 headphones are definitely a good choice.

The M40 headphones perform great, but there are always better choices out there. The Sennheiser HD6 Mix is a recent favorite that sounds more dynamic than the M40, especially with the high-mid sounds. But the Sennheiser HD6 is priced at $179.95 on Amazon, which is probably more than the average person wants to spend on headphones. If you are just somebody at home who likes to listen to their music or watch YouTube videos with headphones, then the M40 should be more than sufficient. However if you are running a music studio and want the very best then you might not want to go with the M40. The high-mid sounds of the brass and strings will not overpower the mix. On the other hand, the M40 was made to accurately present the mix and not to enhance it. If this is acceptable for you then M40 should be your choice. Otherwise, try out the Sennheiser HD6 instead.



Google Keep for Android Wear Now Lets You Take Notes and Set Reminders From Your Wrist


The Android Wear operating system for smartwatches is becoming popular amongst consumers. The cool thing is that Google is constantly releasing apps for the Android Wear which allows you to perform more tasks with your smartwatch. Google Keep is one of the most popular apps for your Android watch. It lets you organize your notes, photos and lists within the application. In fact the newest update to the device is said to allow users to become completely independent from having to use their smartphones for these kinds of tasks.

Those who are new to smartwatches might be wondering how you actually type words into your notepad. As you probably guessed, smartwatches do not have virtual keyboards that you can text or type in letters with. Instead they rely on the user speaking into it with their voice. So when you launch Google Keep on your Android Wear, you can just create a new note for yourself by speaking the words into the device. Those verbal words will then get translated into written speech and get saved automatically as a note in the program. You can also create written lists and attach pictures to them as well.

A new feature to Android Wear is its “always on” ability. Usually apps will shut down after you drop your arm in order to conserve the life of your battery. With the latest Android Wear update, apps will still turn off after you drop your arm but they will turn back on after you raise your arm to look at the watch. This comes in very handy with Google Keep if you have to constantly look at your watch to check the notes you have written down. For example, let’s say you made your shopping list and put the list into Google Keep. If you want to check off items from your list, you no longer after to restart the app to get to your list after you put your arm down. You can just go right back to the list and continue where you left off by simply raising your arm back up.

If you currently own an Android Wear smartwatch then you should be receiving these updates to its operating system automatically. This means you don’t have to run out and purchase a brand new smartwatch just to get this new feature. Google Keep is one of many exciting apps that are available for the Android Wear watch. Check out the Google Play store to discover more of them.

Google’s Smart Watches Will Have an Important, Frustration-Saving Feature!


Smartwatches are very handy devices, but they are also limited in their abilities when compared to smartphones. For one thing, smartwatches rely on a Bluetooth connection in order to communicate with your smartphone and other mobile devices. As you may know, Bluetooth requires you to be close to your computer devices for the wireless data transfer to work. This means you can get notifications on your watch that correlate with the notifications on your smartphone. But since you have to be close to your phone to get these notifications, is it still worth purchasing the smartwatch when you can just check the phone yourself? Sure there are some models with cellular radios built in, but they are more expensive and very bulky. These hurdles are the main reasons why smartwatches have not gotten popularity amongst consumers.

Google plans to rectify the problems with smartwatches by upgrading their Android Wear devices to include Wi-Fi. But Google isn’t the first company to think of this. Apple has already put Wi-Fi into their Apple Watch devices, but so far no other company has done this. Google plans to compete with Apple by applying the same feature to their line of smartwatches. That way all of their loyal Android consumers can stick within the Android community when it comes to their smartwatches and not have to switch over to Apple. The added perk of connecting your smartwatch to a Wi-Fi network is enough to make somebody want to stay with Android Wear. So Google definitely made a smart choice by adding this perk to their Android watches. Now people can use their Android Wear to connect to their computers, Smartphones and other mobile devices without having to be close to them. They can just go to an internet café or any location with a Wi-Fi hotspot and control their mobile devices from there. Of course you can still switch between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when it is necessary.

Three Android Wear watches that currently have Wi-Fi components in them are Samsung Gear Live, Sony Smartwatch 3 and LG Watch Urbane. But consumers have to wait until Google updates the app software before the functionality of the Wi-Fi works in their watches. When this does happen then all the current owners of these Android Wear devices will be able to connect to a Wi-Fi network through their wrist. On the up side, this means they don’t have to go out and buy an entirely new Android watch just to support this update. Instead they can just keep the watch they have and get the updates for free.

One of the coolest things about the Apple Watch may be a feature no one really talks about (AAPL)


When Apple announces a new device they are working on, they tend to give the public a lot of information about it. When they announced the Apple Watch back in September, they were quick to get people excited about all the features that the watch is going to have. It will be able to detect your heartbeat and even remind you to stand up if you have been sitting all day. Then, of course, it displays the time in a bunch of fancy ways. But, are these the only fascinating things about the Apple Watch?

There is one cool feature of the Apple Watch that nobody is talking about. This feature is the dark blackness in the background of the display. People might be expecting their smart wearables to light up brightly like their Smartphone, but the Apple Watch doesn’t do that. Instead it uses dark backgrounds to emphasize the main images more. Some people think this is better because it makes the objects on the display look like they are floating in space by themselves rather than appearing on a screen. Those opposed to this feature have said the blackness of the background makes the screen look smaller. It’s almost like it doesn’t have any frames around it either. However, this feature has already drawn a lot of interest to it. Not only that, but it is an original feature and makes the Apple Watch more unique from its competition.

The real question comes down to whether or not consumers will spend hundreds of dollars just to purchase an Apple Watch with a dark background. Since the screen is smaller than other competing smartwatch brands, this could cause trouble for the Apple Watch when it finally becomes available to the public. On the other hand, the Apple brand already has a strong reputation and that reputation alone could be enough to draw in consumers towards their new smartwatch product.

Later this year, Apple is expected to reveal more information about the Apple Watch. It is unclear if Apple will address the issue of the screen size being small or if it serves any real purpose. From what insiders can gather, Apple is trying to think of smartwatch screens differently than they do with smartphone screens. Perhaps a smaller screen size on a watch will make it more comfortable for somebody to wear. Also if the background is dark and all the content is brightly colored, then it may be easier to see your watch in the dark. We shall see what new details Apple gives to the public in their next announcement about the product.

Trellie launches modular smart jewelry tech for fashion brands


Smart jewelry seems to be the biggest trend in the tech world. All the major tech companies are trying to cash in on the growing smart jewelry market because they realize people like wearable technology. However, the Trellie Company hopes to outdo their competition by creating a modular smart jewelry platform. This will allow other fashion brands to create their own jewelry and connect it to the platform.

Trellie’s modular platform contains a Bluetooth radio that is inside of a tiny disc, which jewelry designers can use to integrate with their own jewelry stones by placing the disc underneath them. Not only that, but it can light up the jewelry on command right through an app on your Smartphone. That’s right the jewelry will actually have a wireless Bluetooth connection to your Smartphone, so you can control the functionality of your jewelry with it. The Trellie platform will also notify you through your jewelry if you have texts, calls or notifications on your phone. Trellie’s tiny disc is small enough to where you can place it in a necklace or ring and it will hardly change the size of them.

Trellie did not just want to come up with one piece of smart jewelry to compete with other tech wearable products. They wanted to create a whole family of smart jewelry by allowing consumers to receive the benefits of an attractive wearable device and one that has advanced smart technology in it as well. If you look at the other single piece smart wearable devices on the market, they are often bulky and heavy to wear. They are also unappealing as jewelry, which is why things like smartwatches have not taken off too much in the consumer world. But Trellie is trying to change this by giving people the option to wear their own jewelry instead of having to depend on an ugly tech design version.

Trelli has just announced a huge distribution deal they made with one of the largest manufacturers of jewelry in the entire world. The actual name of the manufacturer has not been announced just yet, but Trellie stated the manufacturer works with major brands such as Kate Spade, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Henri Bendel and Vince Camuto. Trellie plans to release their line of smart jewelry later in the spring of 2014. Consumers can expect to see a lot of the name brand designer jewelry in their collection.

Wearables will transform businesses

wearable   In the last decade we have already seen how Smartphones changed the way people do business. Communication is much faster between parties and productivity increases as a result, especially with small businesses. Now it seems like the wearable technology will be the next device to transform small businesses and the way they do business. For example, right now the Apple iPhone 6 has a special app called Apple Pay. This app lets people make purchases online and in select retail stores without using their debit or credit card. All they have to do is pull out their iPhone and hold it close to the contactless reader. Then with the push of their finger, they can pay for their purchase instantly through Apple Pay.

You have probably heard of smartwatches as being a tool for helping you perform recreational activities by calculating your heart rate, distance traveled and so forth. There are plenty of apps that cater to these recreational activities. However, very few people realize these devices have potential in the business world. New wearable apps are being made specifically for businesses. They allow business leaders to track the efficiency of their employees, advertise to customers, track customers, and track employees. As for the employees themselves, they will be able to perform their daily tasks much easier such as updating time sheets, email their boss and take notes at a meeting.

Banking apps are also being made for wearables, which could allow stores to accept Apple Pay payments from your Apple Watch instead of your iPhone. Now customers won’t be able to say they forgot their wallet or even their phone, and businesses don’t have to worry about accepting a personal check without funds. Apple Pay guarantees funs and guarantees more successful business transactions for all parties involved. Since people normally keep watches around their wrists anyways, then they will likely have it when they are at the store.

There is no doubt that mobile technology will eventually take over the business world. The big question is which device will dominate. Since mobile technology is rapidly advancing all the time, it doesn’t take long for a product type to become obsolete. In the 90s there were desktop computers, in the 2000s there were laptops, and in this decade there are Smartphones. Perhaps by the year 2020, we will see wearables as the dominating piece of mobile technology that everyone will have for both personal and business use.

You’ll Be Able To Buy The Apple Watch In April (AAPL)

Buy Apple Watch in AprilSmartwatches have taken the tech community by storm. And of course, any kind of gadget that Apple releases is sure to draw attention. That is why excitement has already stirred up in the tech community after Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the “Apple Watch” was going to be available in April. He did not mention a specific date for April, but it still has people curious about it because there was not much information revealed about the watch itself. That is why Apple will likely have another event where the specifications of the Apple Watch are gone over more thoroughly. People at the unveiling last September only got a tiny glimpse of its abilities.

The biggest deciding factor for people when it comes to purchasing anything is cost. Consumers have been pretty quick to purchase anything Apple though. But on the upside, the cheapest variation of the Apple Watch will be around $350. This is still kind of expensive, but not as expensive as a new iPhone. The variations of the watch itself have to do with the materials it is made out of. Some of the cheaper models will be made out of stainless steel while others will be made out of gold. So these aren’t just going to be technical gadgets that you are wearing on your wrist. They can literally be called jewelry because they will be as valuable as real jewelry. The gold Apple Watches are expected to cost in the vicinity of $5,000.

The second thing people consider in their gadgets is battery life. For the Apple Watch, its battery life is currently a mystery to people. The only information revealed by Apple was that you will have to charge your watch every night. This could mean the watch will stay charged all day, so by the time you go to sleep you can just recharge it then for the next day. Some rumors suggest the watch may have 19 hours of battery life on a single charge. This is more than enough battery life for most people who sleep 8 hours per day and are up for only 16 hours.

People are anxiously awaiting the next update as April is only two months away. Variations of the Apple Watch are expected to have different components in them as well. We will just have to wait until Apple’s next announcement in order to find out what these components are.

Sony Is Secretly Creating A Watch Made Of Electronic Paper That Changes With Your Gestures


Sony is Secretly Creating

Smartwatches have certainly grown popular by tech enthusiasts. These are the smart

wearables that you wear on your wrist like a watch. It can give you real time data about your

heart rate, speed and distance traveled. They can even connect to your other mobile devices as

well. But, the one thing people always seemed to complain about with smartwatches was its

fashion design. They have usually been too bulky or too heavy for many people, which made

them uncomfortable to wear. That is why it should be no surprise that Sony is working on a way

to change this.

Sony is working on a new smartwatch called “FES Watch,” which is the first smartwatch

to be made out of electronic paper. This would be exciting news to people who know what

electronic paper is. For others who have never heard the concept, they might still be thinking of

traditional paper. This is understandable because electronic paper has not really gotten much

media attention, even though it is a very impressive piece of technology. It is basically a “device”

that is about as thin as paper and which you can write on. Then instead of throwing the paper out

when you are done writing, you can erase the text on the e-paper and use it to write on again. It

can also display upload images, eBooks and any other designs you put into it. So basically, the

electronic paper has the ability to change looks at any time it is programmed to.

Sony has branded these electronic paper wearables under “Fashion Entertainments.” Now

people will be able to change the design and color of their watches without having to buy a new

one. Instead they can experiment with hundreds of designs and even get creative by putting their

own designs on the watch. But the excitement of Fashion Entertainments doesn’t stop there.

They are also experimenting with bow ties made out of electronic paper as well. Right now the

company has used the Japanese crowd funding website, Makuake, to raise money. They have

been fortunate to raise $2.7 million yen so far. That is worth about $23,000 in U.S. Dollars.

Everyone who contributed to the fund will be able to order the FES Watch in May of 2015.

Smartwatches have never really been huge with consumers, but the innovation of the electronic

paper being used in wearables will certainly make an impression to tech enthusiasts.

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