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CES 2016: New 8K Television


The Consumer Electronics Show of 2016 introduced many exciting new television sets. You have probably heard about the 4K televisions that were introduced by numerous electronics companies, such as Sony. But what LG introduced at the CES was something that nobody expected; the 8K television set. That’s right this is a 98-inch television by LG that is about double the size of the best selling televisions out today. It also has an 8K display, which means it has even better resolution than the ultra high definition 4K televisions that are out now.

Quadrupling the number of pixels was no easy task for LG, which is probably why it is such a big television set. As for the price, it is probably not going to be in the average consumers’ price range. LG currently has another 98-inch television that has 4K resolution, which is priced at $40,000. The only 8K television out right now is from Sharp. They have an 85-inch television in 8K resolution that sells for $130,000. Most people probably couldn’t fit a television like this in their living room anyways. Unless you have a mansion and a million dollars in the bank, you probably won’t be able to afford this.

For those who are still willing to spend under $10,000 for a television, you can purchase the Samsung 4K 85-inch television for just under $9,000. LG also has a 79-inch 4K television set for $6,000. You can find these televisions at big retail stores like Best Buy. Of course, if you are going to enjoy 4K, or 8K, resolution, then you need to be watching content made for this kind of display. You can’t just turn on the television or pop in a Blu-ray disc and expect the quality to be 4K or 8K. The content has to be made for that quality or else it will show in lesser resolution.

If you are more interested in ultra thin televisions then you should try LG’s G6. The company refers to it as “picture on a glass” because it is basically like hanging a picture frame on the wall and watching television from it. With a thickness of 2.57 millimeters, the television almost disappears when you look at it from the side. There is no price yet on this television, but it will have sizes that go all the way up to 77 inches. So it will be interesting to see if consumers prefer the ultra thin computer or the super ultra high definition computer. The price is likely to be the deciding factor here.

Apple TV Features Games

apple tv

There is a lot of anticipation about the new Apple TV device, which is compatible with almost every smart television. People who regularly use Apple products and software will certainly appreciate Apple TV because it will connect them to their digital Apple products through the television. So instead of having to watch movies on the laptop or computer monitor, users can see them on a much bigger television screen.

One of the key features that Apple is going to focus on with their Apple TV product is its gaming functionality. They are aiming to generate better graphics with more power for the device along with a new remote control that could be used as a gaming controller as well. Then if people want to play the games they purchased at the app store through their iPhone, they can play them on their Apple TV. They will also be able to purchase new games on their Apple TV.

The starting price for the Apple TV is predicted to be about $150, which is a good price when you consider all of the features and convenience you will be getting. However, there has been some speculation generated by the New York Times about how analysts and game executives think it will be difficult for Apple to compete with other gaming consoles, like the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One. That is why the Apple TV will likely only be popular with those who use Apple products already. That way they can benefit from the convenience of using them on their television. But for those who use personal computers and Android devices, it will have to take a lot more than gaming features for the Apple TV to attract them.

Apple is one of the biggest brands in computer technology. They are continuously trying to compete in all aspects of the tech marketplace. Remember that Apple TV is not a service like Netflix, so there won’t be any monthly fees involved. All you have to pay is the initial purchase price. Then you just hook the Apple TV box up to your smart television and you are good to go. Of course, you will need your own internet connection which does cost a monthly fee. But if you were to install a router in your home then you could share your existing connection with your computer and Apple TV. If you have a Wi-Fi connection then you could enable your mobile devices and Apple TV to have the internet as well. Therefore, the Apple TV may sell just on the basis of its affordability. We shall see what the future holds for it.

Apple TV Service Will Launch in the Fall


Smart technology is everywhere now. Apple has certainly revolutionized it with their smartphones and smartwatches. Now they are about to release their much anticipated Apple TV service this fall. Apple’s TV service will give you a wide variety of content that comes bundled together in one package. You will get programs from cable networks and broadcast networks for just one low monthly fee. Some of these programs include ESPN, HBO, Cinemax, Fox, ABC, NBC, Netflix, iTunes and more. Apple is currently finalizing the deals with their affiliates to allow their programs through the Apple TV service. These deals should be finalized by late fall, which is when the service is scheduled to be available. It can also connect with the media in your Apple accounts. So if you have a long list of HD movies that you purchased from iTunes, you can now bring them to a bigger television screen that has top notch quality. The only requirement for this service is that you have a smart television with an internet connection. The Apple TV is just a box that connects to your television, which is similar to a cable box. It is very simple to hook up as well.

There seems to be one hold up with the deals Apple is making with these television networks. Apparently, Apple wants to keep 30% of all the revenues earned from their service. Many networks seem to have a problem with that, since their programming is what constitutes most of the content in the service. But experts believe these minor setbacks are only temporary, and that a resolution between Apple and their affiliates will likely be made. As for consumers, they are already excited to hear about this Apple TV service. Apple TV is something that has been talked about for quite awhile now. Consumers have seen commercials and demonstrations at tech shows for this device, which has caused them to give it great praise. Now the real thing is about to be released and everyone is excited about it. More importantly, it will be a lot cheaper to get your television programming through Apple TV versus the traditional cable companies, like DirecTV and Bright House. Apple previously announced their monthly fee for the service would be $99, but they recently announced a drop to just $69. Because of the affordability, it is predicted that this service will become popular very quickly upon its availability.

New Apple TV to Release


The new Apple TV was supposed to be released on September 9th of this year, but got pushed back to an October release date. This new version of the popular device, called the Apple TV 4, is supposed to offer more features than the previous version. But, it will also be more expensive than the previous version because it is priced from $149 up to $199. The Apple TV 3 was only priced at $69, which is its current price today. People who don’t want to upgrade or purchase a new Apple TV can still stick with the cheaper version 3 model. They just won’t be getting all of the features that the newer version has in it.

So what are the new features? Well we know from the pictures that it is larger than the Apple TV 3. We also know that Siri has been integrated into it along with the App store. But the biggest news for app developers is the integration of the application programming interface, or API. This will allow developers to create apps through the device without having to use their traditional Apple computers. Therefore, if you are interested in app development and want to use voice activated controls through Siri, then the Apple TV 4 is definitely going to be a good purchase for you. On the other hand, if you are only getting the Apple TV to access your iTunes and watch movies or listen to music, you can stick with the older model and still be happy.

Apple is currently in negotiations with numerous cable networks to allow their programming on their future internet TV service that will be available through Apple TV. It is predicted that the service will cost users $40 per month, which will start sometime next year. Apple just has to wait until they clear up all of their negotiations with cable networks and gain enough of them to attract consumers to their internet television service. Despite the monthly fee, it will still be much cheaper to use Apple TV than it would to stick with your current cable provider. Between traditional cable and satellite services, the average consumer pays over $100 per month for their television service bill. Apple TV would allow you to get the best channels for a cheaper monthly price, while receiving all the other benefits that the device provides. Once the new version comes out, it is definitely going to attract consumers.

Apple iPad vs. Microsoft Surface 3


The Apple iPad is one of the best selling tablets ever. Other computer companies have tried competing with Apple in this area, but Apple has still remained number one when it comes to manufacturing tablets. However, this may change very soon because Microsoft is getting in on the action. They have already developed their own Microsoft Windows tablet that is an alternative to the Apple iPad. The Microsoft Surface 3 was released in 2014 and has gotten a lot of positive feedback from tech enthusiasts. The retail price is going to be around $499, which is about the price of a new iPad. So there won’t be much diversity as far as the price is concerned. The diversity comes with the new tablet features found in the Microsoft Surface 3. One new feature is the magnetic clip on keyboard that attaches itself to the front of your tablet. It is said to be a step up from the swivel mechanism that operates the keyboard on the iPad. But more importantly, Microsoft’s Surface 3 is said to help you actually work without needing a laptop.

Microsoft Surface tablets have only been around for three years. In the beginning, they were merely created to compete with Apple. But these Surface tablets have quickly advanced into a successful product line that more people are starting to use. There are also a variety of accessories you can purchase for it, such as keyboards and styli. You can even install Microsoft Office programs such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. If you choose the Microsoft Office 365 subscription when you purchase your tablet then you can get the entire suite of programs bundled together with it. The screen quality of the new tablet is also much sharper than previous Surface models, but it still has the same full size USB port. This means you can plug in a regular PC mouse or keyboard if you want to use that with your tablet.

Right now the Surface 3 is being advertised heavily to schools and colleges around the country. Parents are also taking an interest in the tablet because it is a suitable device to give their children for school. But the big question is, should you buy this tablet if you already have an iPad? It all depends on how much money you have and how much you are willing to spend. If you already have office suite products on your iPad then you might not think it’s worth switching over to Surface 3 just yet. But if you just want to own the newest Microsoft tablet and experience the differences right away, then definitely consider purchasing this product.

Finally Fire Your Cable Company With Fire TV

Amazon_FireTV_2014The industry rumor we reported on March 26, 2014, that suggested Amazon was preparing to deliver a web TV solution has been confirmed. Last week Amazon announced its Fire TV set-top box that promises to deliver streaming content in a streamlined way.

Based on Amazon’s presentation at their press event, this TV companion appears to succeed where others in the space have not. Sure you’ll be able to stream content from all the major providers such as Netflix, Hulu, and their own Amazon Instant Video, but that’s not really news. What’s new is how Fire TV will help viewers find and enjoy the content. First off, the remote for Fire TV has voice recognition built in so you can speak the titles you’re looking for and it will display results on screen. This means no more typing your favorite movie titles letter by letter using up/down arrows on an old school remote. Another cool feature is that Fire TV will serve up a list of the providers that are carrying the title so you can stream from the one that has the best price or special offer. I can tell you from my own experience that I have spent time comparison shopping from Vudu, Netflix and Amazon on my WiFi TV just to watch a movie, and I welcome the enhanced interface offered by Fire TV.

Fire TV will also be hosting apps from other popular content sources such as ESPN, NBA, Major League Baseball, Vimeo, YouTube, and others. Popular internet radio services like Pandora and TuneIn will also be included but possibly not in the initial release.  And finally, some kids’ content from Sesame Street, PBS, and Nickelodeon, will be available for free. Of course, if you’re already subscribing to Amazon Prime, you’ll be able to watch most popular titles at no incremental cost.

Fire TV may be the first set-top box to really shake up the cable TV market and convince you to put your DVD player next to the VCR at your next garage sale.

Amazon Planning to Launch Web TV Box

Kindle_TV_2014Amazon is a company that always tries to stay ahead of its competitors. With the recent consumer praise for Apple TV, Amazon has developed their own set-top box that will allow people to stream content from Amazon Prime accounts directly to television. In case you don’t know about Amazon Prime, it is a special membership for $99 per year that gives Amazon users a variety of benefits. They can get free shipping on select items and they can also watch a variety of movies and television shows for free. The Amazon box has been nicknamed Kindle TV because the design of the box looks similar to the Kindle device. But with the Amazon box, you will be able to do so much more than just read books. You will be able to stream movies and television shows right to your own high definition TV. The Amazon service is similar to the Netflix service model, but it’s billed through your existing Amazon Prime account. There are also rumors that Amazon is looking to create their own online television service, which will create competition for satellite and cable television providers. So as you can imagine, there are a lot of eyes looking at this and waiting to see Amazon’s next step.

The Amazon box doesn’t just stop with shows and movies. Since Amazon Prime members have access to video games, this means the box could let people stream video games onto their televisions as well. Music lovers can even listen to music through the box, which is similar to how DirecTV allows people to listen to music on their music only channels. In case you forgot, Amazon has a special “MP3” store where you can shop for both commercial music and music created by independent artists and store the music files to your Amazon cloud. The box will let you have all this entertainment right in the convenience of your own living room. It is like a combination of iTunes, Netflix and Xbox all rolled into one. This box was originally scheduled to be released during the 2013 Christmas season, but those plans got delayed. There is currently no new scheduled release date, but rumors suggest it could be released this month or next. Once it’s out, could it spell the beginning of the end for cable companies? Tell us what you think!

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