Belkin Universal Car Charger 2.1 AMP Review

If you are looking for best universal car charger for your mobile device that supports fast charging as well, the Belkin Universal car charger should be on your shortlist. It is compatible with any device that can be charged with USB. It boasts sleek, compact design that is both easy on the eyes and practical in every sense.

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The Belkin Universal Car Charger is equipped with standard USB 2.0 port so you can either use the included USB cable to charge your phone / device or if you have a device with non micro-USB connector, use its cable to charge it. As long as it needs upto 2.1 Amp for charging, you will be fine.

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It weighs mere 15.87 grams and is extremely small. Its matte black outer body seamlessly blends with the car’s interior.

Being Belkin, things like power spikes have been taken care of. It has built-in voltage sensing detection and other intelligent circuitry that responds your device’s needs. Belkin is serious about device’s health and that is why the charger is backed by connected equipment warranty. In case your phone / tablet or other electronic device gets damaged by this universal car charger, Belkin will repair or replace it for free.

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· It is compatible with widest range of products
· Light and compact at 15.87 grams
· Supports fast charging
· Built in voltage sensing detector to protect against power surges


· The only con we can think is its charging light. It is a tad too bright for us but we are just nitpicking.

There is no reason to not get the Belkin Universal Car Charger. It is a wise investment for your phones and tablets.

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