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New Microsoft Translator for Apple Devices

Translator software technology is expanding out to new devices all the time. When you perform a translation into the software, it may not give you a perfect translation because it doesn’t take into account the grammar and slang so much. But it will give you a basic idea of what the words actually mean that you are translating. So far you have seen this technology in Google, Microsoft and other online translators around the internet. You have also seen translator apps for iPhone and Android devices as well. One of the most popular translator apps is from Microsoft, which is called Microsoft Translator. They have already brought their translator technology to the Apple iPad and iPhone. Now they are going to bring it to the Apple Watch. This will be one of the first smartwatches to have a translator app on it. What is great about this particular app is that it can translate over 50 languages and is the first version to be released for the Apple Watch.

It only makes sense to have a smartwatch translator app because it will be very easy to translate messages or words that foreigners are speaking to you. Instead of having to pull out your Smartphone or tablet every time you have to translate something in real life, you can just look at the smartwatch on your wrist to translate it. This is a faster and more convenient way to conduct translations. It will also save you the embarrassment of having to pull out a device in front of a foreign speaker every time they talk. A translator on your wrist will actually look more professional than one may realize.



The Apple Watch has already gotten the attention of consumers, despite the fact that smartwatches are not really popular devices overall. But as you probably know, anything with the Apple brand is going to attract people. Then with the Microsoft Translator added into the mix, it will certainly turn some heads. The biggest market for the Apple Watch will likely be with international businesspeople that have to deal with foreigners on a regular basis. If it is a wealthy businessperson then they will likely purchase the golden Apple Watch, which will certainly spell out success to whoever sees it on their wrist. As for everyone else, they can still purchase the basic Apple Watch and use the translator to understand their foreign coworkers or neighbors.

How Tile Went from Crowdfunding to 2M Units Sold in Two Years


There is a new gadget currently in development called “Tile.” It is a small white object that is about the size of a poker chip, which means it can fit into virtually anywhere. You can put it in your wallet, purse, key ring or any small object that you would likely lose. Tile is basically a tracking device that a spy would use if they wanted to follow somebody. But what you can do is put the gadget in something that you would normally lose. That way if you do lose it you can find where your item is by using your smartphone to track the Tile gadget. However, this won’t have long range capabilities. It will utilize Bluetooth technology, which is a short distance wireless technology. Basically what you do is install the Tile app on your smartphone and use that to find whatever object the Tile gadget is connected to nearby. The app will tell you the last place the gadget was tracked, which will help if you don’t remember the last place you used the item. Then when you go to look for the item, the gadget attached to it will make beeping noises that you can hear.

Now you might be wondering what would happen if you were to leave your keys or other personal items on a park bench or coffee shop? How would Bluetooth technology help you then? Well what happens is the Tile gadget keeps communicating with the app on your phone. Then as soon as you step far enough away from the Tile gadget, the app will mark it as “lost.” It will also upload the location of the Tile gadget to cloud servers hosted by the company. Then it will communicate this location back to the owner, so they will see the last place the gadget was tracked.



Tile had originally run a crowdfunding campaign on Selfstarter and through its own website. They eventually ended up completing the project from the donations and later sold two million units of the gadget. Seeing how Tile only planned to create 20,000 units, the vast amount of interest in this gadget was even a shock to the developers. But it proves that there is a big market for objects like this because people are always losing things like their keys and wallet. Tile will finally put these situations to rest by allowing people to track their location and not go crazy over trying to find them. At only $25 per unit, Tile will continue to be a huge seller in the years to come.




5 App Games Made For Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality gaming is about to arrive in a big way, and there are tons of discussions going on about what the best gaming genres will be. But in these discussions people tend to think big, looking at the most significant existing console games and imagining them in VR form. This is probably the right way to go about it, but it’s also important to remember that the first generation of in-home VR games might be a little bit simpler than some are imagining. And with that in mind, one might wonder if app games might actually serve as better foundations for VR than console experiences that are already so big as to be totally immersive.

Gaming in general thrives on detail these days. On mobile devices, PCs and consoles alike, players appreciate big beautiful environments and realistic 3D graphics. The difference is that, on consoles, such environments are about as satisfying as they need to be, and it’s easy to imagine a sort of clunkiness to them in the early transformations to VR. Beautiful app games, however, are small and limited by nature, almost automatically making us long for more. Super-sizing a popular app game and turning it into a VR experience may be a better way to please a lot of gamers.

Whether or not this will happen on a large scale remains to be seen, but in the meantime here are a few popular app titles that illustrate the point across different genres.

FruitNinja_1 (1)

It’s one of the longest-running popular apps available, and it’s always been almost amazingly simple. Fruit flies up in the air, and you cut it up with a swipe of your finger. So why not do it with a VR headset on and more of an actual knife-swiping motion? This has actually already been attempted; an article at PC World revealed efforts by German University students to rig up their own VR version of Fruit Ninja, and it appears the results were satisfying. This would be a nice, simple game for VR developers to start out with.

real-racing-3 (1)

It’s been suggested that racing games could be some of the most successful titles on VR.  Wareable’s look ahead at the next year of VR game releases pointed to a couple racing games that are apparently on the way. However, it might just be simpler for developers to adapt an existing game. Real Racing 3 is an incredibly realistic and detailed game for a something that’s played on phones and tablets, and could do wonderfully if it were simply scaled up.


The trouble with a lot of ambitious VR games is that movement is tricky. An environment can look stunning and real, but it’s tough to interact with it in a way that feels natural. That’s precisely why the casino gaming genre could do well—it requires minimal movement. There actually aren’t too many ready-made casino games featuring a legitimate variety of options, but the array of games at Betfair makes for an intriguing VR concept. Interacting with a full-scale casino (as opposed to just a single poker table or something of the like) could make for a deceptively big VR experience.


Inevitably there will be plenty of shooters and adventure games released on VR, even if movement within them is at first difficult and unfamiliar. But the recently released Galaxy Of Heroes game could make for a smooth transition toward VR shooters.   EA describes this game as having  an “epic RPG-style combat,” which just seems brilliant for VR. An RPG can be more turn-based, meaning you can enjoy the realistic look of having someone shooting at you without having to figure out how to move around while your face is masked in a headset and your body is on your couch. Not to mention, given the Star Wars resurgence, this particular RPG title would undoubtedly be popular.


This game might be cheating a bit, because it was actually designed specifically for a VR headset. Well, sort of.  Proton Pulse was designed for Google Cardboard play, meaning it’s a phone app that can be slotted into Google’s VR goggles and enjoyed as if it’s a full-fledged VR experience. Still, it’s probably the best existing example of how easily some app games can be transformed into this new genre of gaming. The game itself is basically a 3D brick buster.

Who knows if we’ll ever see these particular titles turned into VR games. But it’s easy to see how some simpler concepts could work better than full-blown shooter and adventure games.

Selfie Buttons Become a Reality


Selfies have become a popular thing to do in this technological age. People with Smartphones who take pictures of themselves or group pictures with other people are said to be taking a “selfie.” You won’t find the word selfie in the dictionary, but it is a noun that everyone under 40 years old is familiar with by now. The problem people have with taking selfies is when their arm gets in the way. After all, they have to hold the camera up in front of them with their hands and take the picture. But now this problem is about to go away with the invention of the selfie button that you wear around your wrist.

The wearables tech company, Misfit, has created the Misfit Flash button that you can wear like a watch on your wrists. All you have to do is press the button in the middle and it will make your Smartphone take a picture of you. The Misfit Flash Link will connect to your mobile devices through Bluetooth technology. All you have to do is download the Link app onto your smart device and then it will be able to connect to the Misfit Flash button. Future updates to this technology could also integrate the ability to tweet or send emails after you press the button. You may even see the ability to start music by pressing the button as well. This is certainly convenient for those who don’t want the hassle of opening up individual app programs to execute these functions. Of course, you will initially have to set up apps for the Misfit Flash Link, so that it will know which function to execute upon the push of the button.

Now you might think that the Misfit Flash Link is silly and probably not worth the investment. However, the good news is the Flash Link is only $20 to purchase, which likely makes it the cheapest wearable on the market. Not only that, the Link app for your smart device is free to download as well. So you really don’t have much to lose by trying this product out. It certainly beats purchasing a selfie stick to take selfie photos of yourself. Many consumers find selfie sticks to be ridiculous and almost embarrassing to use in public. You don’t have to suffer through the same embarrassment because you can just purchase this Bluetooth controlled wearable instead. The only thing is this wearable doesn’t do anything else except allow you to push a big button in the middle of it. So if you are looking for a smartwatch that has more functions then this won’t be the one for you.

Apple TV Service Will Launch in the Fall


Smart technology is everywhere now. Apple has certainly revolutionized it with their smartphones and smartwatches. Now they are about to release their much anticipated Apple TV service this fall. Apple’s TV service will give you a wide variety of content that comes bundled together in one package. You will get programs from cable networks and broadcast networks for just one low monthly fee. Some of these programs include ESPN, HBO, Cinemax, Fox, ABC, NBC, Netflix, iTunes and more. Apple is currently finalizing the deals with their affiliates to allow their programs through the Apple TV service. These deals should be finalized by late fall, which is when the service is scheduled to be available. It can also connect with the media in your Apple accounts. So if you have a long list of HD movies that you purchased from iTunes, you can now bring them to a bigger television screen that has top notch quality. The only requirement for this service is that you have a smart television with an internet connection. The Apple TV is just a box that connects to your television, which is similar to a cable box. It is very simple to hook up as well.

There seems to be one hold up with the deals Apple is making with these television networks. Apparently, Apple wants to keep 30% of all the revenues earned from their service. Many networks seem to have a problem with that, since their programming is what constitutes most of the content in the service. But experts believe these minor setbacks are only temporary, and that a resolution between Apple and their affiliates will likely be made. As for consumers, they are already excited to hear about this Apple TV service. Apple TV is something that has been talked about for quite awhile now. Consumers have seen commercials and demonstrations at tech shows for this device, which has caused them to give it great praise. Now the real thing is about to be released and everyone is excited about it. More importantly, it will be a lot cheaper to get your television programming through Apple TV versus the traditional cable companies, like DirecTV and Bright House. Apple previously announced their monthly fee for the service would be $99, but they recently announced a drop to just $69. Because of the affordability, it is predicted that this service will become popular very quickly upon its availability.

Samsung’s Gigantic Galaxy S6 Edge+ Phablet Reportedly Leaked In This Photo


There is a big debate in the tech community as to whether Smartphones should be big or not. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge+ is a supersized version of their previous model. The website “All About Samsung” has already released photographs of this new gigantic Smartphone with a 5.7 inch display. Smartphones this size have been called “phablets,” which is a term that describes a phone that is between the size of a typical Smartphone and the size of a tablet. Some consumers think of big Smartphones like this as tiny tablets. Since they are very similar, it can get kind of difficult to separate a phablet from a tablet or Smartphone.

The specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ are not very clear at the moment. We only know what we have seen in the pictures of the device, which obviously don’t make it clear what the specifications are. The rumors state that the phone won’t come with a removable battery, SD card or stylus. Critics predict the phone will have 3GB of RAM and the eight core computer processor called “Exynos 7420.” The Super AMOLED pixel display will be 2560×1440, which means superior quality over the previous version of the device. Now if all of these specification predictions come true, this phone will become a huge competitor to the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6S that is scheduled to get released soon.

Speculators tend to make a lot of predictions based off a few leaked photos. But logical thinking is probably the best way to predict the outcome of this phone’s release. The question you have to ask yourself is, “Do people really want a bigger phone?” Sure it may be better to look at a bigger screen, but the problem is when you have to carry that phone around with you. Many people like to put their Smartphones inside their pockets for easy access. But if the screen size is too big then it will make storing the phone in your pockets much more difficult. You mine as well get a tablet then because that has a huge screen and can perform the same functions as a Smartphone. However, people could always purchase a clip to attach the Edge+ to their belt or waistline. Overall, the affordability of the Smartphone will be the most important thing. If the phone ends up being cheaper than the newest iPhone 6 Plus, then perhaps it will win over consumers. Only time will tell.

Smartphone with an Abundance of Cloud Space Just Reached its Kickstarter Goal


There has been a smartphone development for a while now by the company Nextbit. Their goal was to create a cloud based smartphone, which has already gotten people’s attention. This startup tech company is being run by a former Google executive and a former HTC executive. They had put up a Kickstarter campaign to help raise money for the development and competition of Nextbit’s cloud based smartphone called “Robin.” People who pledged more than $299 would receive the phone and a charging cable. Within one day, the company raised their goal amount of $500,000. The public’s interest in this phone was a shock to CEO and co-founder Tom Moss. But what this proves is that new smartphone technology is a huge marketplace and will always attract people to it.

The great thing about this cloud based smartphone is that it will have up to 100GB of cloud storage and 32GB of internal storage. Most smartphones store data on its SD card or internal memory, which are both very limited. The typical SD card for a smartphone will hold up to 32GB of data. If you are someone who downloads lots of videos and pictures onto their smartphone, then 32GB would get used up pretty fast. But with the cloud based smartphone, most of the memory you store runs off a cloud server that connects to your phone through the internet. This includes memory used for storing apps and files as well. Imagine being able to play a game or use a piece of software that isn’t even running off your smartphone, but rather a cloud server somewhere else. This is truly the new age for smartphone technology and it is only getting better. The best part is that if you lose or damage your smartphone, all of the memory will stay stored on the cloud server and can be retrieved when you get a new smartphone. This alone has consumers going wild over the Nextbit Robin smartphone.

There are many other great things about the Nextbit Robin. It has a comfortable design with buttons that are symmetrically placed and the battery life lasts for a long time. The cost of the smartphone should be pretty affordable. If you were to make the pledge right now you can get it for $299. The price is likely to go up later on after it is officially released in retail stores. Since smartphones are usually priced based on the amount of memory they can store, the Nextbit Robin may prove itself to be big competition to the other brand named smartphones on the market.


Samsung Releases Circular Smartwatch


Smartwatches have been gaining attention over the last couple of years. They are equipped with apps and other functionality that is similar to your smartphone. The only difference is you get the apps on our small smartwatch screen that is wrapped around your wrist. Up until now, smartwatches have had square shaped screens in order to resemble the typical mobile shaped screen. But now Samsung is about to make history by coming out with their own circular smartwatch. This will be an updated version to their Gear smartwatch model, which is said to have more battery life in comparison to the Apple Watch.

The Samsung Gear S2 and S2 Classic will be the smartwatches that have the circular face on the front. They will each have a round screen that is 1.2 inches, or 3 cm, and a battery life of up to three days. Now this may seem like a short amount of time for a watch battery, but you have to remember this is a smartwatch and not a regular watch. The smartwatch will have so much functionality to power that the battery can only power it for three days. But when compared to other smartwatches, this is actually a long period of time. News also revealed that NFC payments technology will be available with the Gear smartwatches too.

The Gear S2 is going to be the superior model out of the two, and also more expensive. It will have additional features, such as a SIM card slot that enables it to operate separately from a smartphone. This will give it the ability to send and receive phone calls as well as text messages. Can you imagine making a phone call through your smartwatch? It will almost make you look like Dick Tracy from the 1990 movie with Warren Beatty. He had a watch that he talked into, except the Gear S2 is round and more sophisticated than the watch in the movie.

Samsung is going to have a lot of competition in the smartwatch marketplace. Fitbit is already the number one selling smartwatch because it specializes in fitness trackers, which is predominately the reason why people purchase smartwatches in the first place. Apple is the second top selling smartwatch maker and Samsung is the fifth top selling smartwatch maker. Samsung has a long way to catch up to the others, but perhaps the circular screen will make people want to purchase them. We shall see if it works or not.

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