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Apple TV

Apple TV is an entertainment device that allows you to download movies and television shows right through an internet connection, such as Wi-Fi. Do not be confused by the name Apple TV because the device is not actually a television set. The Apple TV device only streams digital data into your television through a setup box, which makes it show up on another television screen. So far, consumers are very happy with Apple TV and all of the features it contains. Unfortunately, the new Apple TV won’t do much to improve the features that are already available. The content chief of Apple has criticized modern television for being stuck in the VCR era. This is due to the fact that people still have to set a timer to record their favorite movies or television shows. That is why the company is trying to create a real Apple TV set that will automatically be able to search and suggest programs for viewers based on their past viewing habits. Then those programs would be available to the viewer at anytime they are ready to watch. That way they don’t have to program their recording device to record a program at a specific time. It would all be done digitally through the smart technology of the Apple television. The only complication is that Apple would have to get the licensing rights from syndicators, cable providers and networks in order to do this.

For now, Apple plans on continuing to sell Apple TV setup boxes. It is a big business with over 20 million boxes sold, which amounts to over $1 billion worth of sales. The business is growing and consumers are extremely happy with Apple products. Whether Apple releases a new iPhone or an entire television set, you can be sure that people will be lined up ready to pay whatever it costs to get these new Apple products. Apple cannot afford to take any chances with their smart television technology though. There is a lot of competition out there in the marketplace, so they have to be more innovative than their competitors. Fortunately, consumers trust the Apple name and they will continue to buy Apple products as long as their technology stays original. There is no expected release date of the Apple television set, but some critics expect it to come out within the next year or so. There will be more updates on it in the near future.

Green iPhone 6

The new Apple iPhone just got a little greener. A leaked photo of the new iPhone 6 was recently released on the internet and it shows a shell casing of an olive greenish color. The phone itself is still under construction with no official pictures released yet by Apple. The only picture available is an unofficial photo that was leaked from China, which is where the phones are manufactured. The photo only reveals the green back casing of the phone, but analysts say that it looks to have a 4.7 inch screen. The current iPhone 5 models only have a 4 inch screen, so the new 4.7 inch screen will definitely be an improvement. Unfortunately, people have gotten their hopes up that the new screen size would be around 5.5 inches. As you probably know, people really care about having a big screen size. So, they may be disappointed to not see that happen in the new iPhone 6.

There is a lot of speculation surrounding this leaked photo. People are likely overanalyzing it and drawing the wrong conclusions. After all, we don’t know the state of production on this particular phone in the photo. One thing that analysts can say is that the green coloring is just protection film. This means the actual phone that will get released in stores won’t be green. Plus, there is a little bit of silver coloring that is shown in the picture. This would indicate that the iPhone 6 could possibly have silver coloring. Another observation that can be made from the photo is the cutout of the Apple logo. This is a new look for the logo because all the previous iPhones had a polished colored design.  The shell also features antenna breaks on the top and bottom, an LED flash circular cutout and round corners. Overall, the unit looks much bigger than the iPhone 5. As long as the shell coloring truly isn’t green, then the new iPhone 6 will likely be a big hit with consumers. After all, anytime a new iPhone is released the consumers are not afraid to spend $500 just to get it. They don’t even care if they can afford it or not. When the iPhone 5S and 5C were released, more people bought the expensive model versus the inexpensive model. This is a clear indication that people care more about the technology of their iPhone instead of the affordability. The iPhone 6 will be a big seller for this reason.

PC vs. Tablet

Personal computers have been the most commonly used computers for a long time now. You see them all the time in the offices at your workplace because they are affordable and easy to manage. People also use them at their houses to play games on and to conduct business online. They are even upgradeable, which allows a person to make their computer better than when they originally bought it. However, all of these things are slowly changing because Apple iPads are now being sold more often than personal computers. The number of people using both desktops and laptops are on a decline for this reason. There are more iPad tablets being shipped to people every quarter than there ever was for any kind of PC laptop or desktop. This forces critics to come to the conclusion that tablets are now considered more important than personal computers.

So, what makes the tablet so great? Laptops are mobile and you can carry them around just like a tablet. Of course, laptops are a lot bigger and heavier to carry around than a tablet. Still, laptops have a full size keyboard and screen that people can use to give them a better user experience. Tablet screens are smaller and you are forced to use an onscreen keyboard to type something, which can be annoying for people who have fat fingers. The only logical conclusion that can be made is that the innovation and technology behind the iPad is what has people going crazy for it. In the early days of personal computers, desktop computers were the only computers available and they existed in many different forms. Eventually, people got sick to death of having to deal with a heavy monitor and a huge computer just to conduct simple computerized functions. As for laptops, they are just smaller versions of a desktop computer. Tablets, on the other hand, introduced new features to mobile technology, like touchscreen control capabilities and advanced picture quality. So not only do iPads have more functionality than personal computers, but they are also less weight to carry around as well. Since people are used to texting on their iPhones by touching a virtual keyboard, the texting on the iPad is nothing new to them. People actually enjoy using virtual keyboards because it is just one less piece of hardware that they have to worry about. If this trend continues then personal computers may very well become obsolete in the next ten years. It all depends on how much consumers truly are devoted to their technological mobility.

PlayStation Now

Video gaming consoles may become obsolete in the not so distant future. At the E3 conference this past week, Sony unveiled their new service called “PlayStation Now.” It is a streaming service that allows you to download games right over the internet through your PlayStation 4 console. Sony also mentioned at the E3 that this service will be coming to PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 very soon. But, what is really fascinating about this service is that it will eventually be integrated with certain televisions made by Sony. This means owners of the newest Sony televisions will be able to stream PlayStation games without having to actually buy a console for them. Sony has even developed the PlayStation TV, which is a small television that is built to integrate with PlayStation Now. Besides streaming old games, this new television can also stream video and music as well. Then if you want to play a game all you have to do is plug a controller into the TV and start playing.

PlayStation Now won’t just have newer games to download either. There will many older games from the PlayStation library available to stream as well. The beta version of PlayStation Now features games from the older PlayStation 3 library. The whole reason behind PlayStation Now has to do with giving people the ability to play older games. When PlayStation 2 was first released, it was able to play both PS1 and PS2 games on the console. But, this kind of backwards compatibility was not included with the PlayStation 4 and this upset a lot of people who owned games from older systems. By being able to download these games over the internet, you no longer need a console that reads specific DVDs or gaming discs. The streaming data for the game actually gets processed by a third party computer, which is why PlayStation Now will be able to play newer games on older systems. It is kind of like the way Netflix processes movies when you stream them on your computer or Smart Television. The same concept will apply to PlayStation Now. The PlayStation TV will only cost $100 at the store, so it will be considerably cheaper than buying a regular PlayStation console. There is also a bundle package for $140, which includes a Dual Shock gaming controller, memory card and a free video game voucher. It is safe to say that this television will be very popular because of its affordability and advanced features.

The New Durable Samsung Galaxy

In our modern technological society, the majority of people are now walking around with a Smartphone in their pockets or purses. People take these phones with them wherever they go, which means the phones have a bigger chance of getting damaged by the most menial things. For example, somebody could be eating a chili dog and then spill some of it on their phone. They could also be caught in a rainstorm outside with rain getting their phone wet. These circumstances could result in their phone getting ultimately destroyed or malfunction beyond repair. Experts predict that the average Smartphone has a life expectancy of two years because of these kinds of accidents. Well, Samsung has been paying attention to these problems that people seem to have more often these days. That is why consumers will be interested in the new Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Smartphone, which is built inside a durable shell that can take lots of abuse. It can withstand food spills, scratches and drops on the ground. The phone is even water resistant, so those random rainstorms won’t ever damage your phone again.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active will be exclusive through AT&T at about $200 with a contract for two years. The regular Galaxy S5 model goes for the same price, so people will only be benefiting by getting the new S5 Active. However, the S5 Active does not have the fingerprint sensory technology that the regular S5 has on it. That means people won’t be able to use their fingerprint to unlock their phone, but instead will have to resort to the old fashioned method of typing in their password on the main screen. Still, the S5 Active’s durability is worth the investment. It also has sharp picture quality on its 5.1 inch screen and even a heart rate monitor, so people can watch their heart rate while exercising. The only thing that might turn people off is the exterior design of the phone. Critics of this phone found it to be ugly because of the heavy duty shell that makes it durable. It is also a lot thicker than the regular S5, which some people might not like. Besides, the regular S5 already has water resistant capabilities. The only thing it doesn’t have is the ability to withstand food spills or drops on the ground. So, the choice between the two phones will ultimately be up to the individual’s particular preferences.



Far Cry 4 Free

The ElectrFar Cry 4onic Entertainment Expo, also called E3, has recently taken place in Los Angeles. This annual event is an opportunity for big video gaming companies to release their newest games and consoles to the world. More importantly, it gives a chance for these companies to interact with their fans and present them with some pretty sweet deals in the hopes of staying ahead of the competition. Sony’s announcement at E3 was an offer where customers buying the new Far Cry 4 video game would receive other free games on the PlayStation Network. This deal is exclusive to the Sony PlayStation, and Sony’s rival, Microsoft Xbox, will likely lose a small portion of their customer base as a result. After all, the Far Cry series is very popular amongst video game players of all the major consoles. Even if customer owns multiple gaming systems, they will most likely buy Far Cry 4 on PlayStation since they have the most attractive offer.

The Far Cry series was developed by Ubisoft. They are first-person shooter games that are fun and adventurous at the same time. At the E3 gathering, Ubisoft showed off their new Far Cry 4 game to a crowd that seemed very pleased with the game play. The game has a new feature that allows you to call in other mercenaries to help you in battle. At the event, a scene from the game was demonstrated where a single engine aircraft landed and the player got on board. Then the player shot a big machine gun at a large compound. The people who were watching this at the event were laughing and cheering at this demonstration. It is safe to say that the game is gaining a lot of attention and that fans of the series will be quick to spend their money on it when it gets released. Ubisoft plans on releasing the game sometime later this year, although an exact date is yet to be determined. The game will be available on all the major gaming systems, like PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and even on PC. Since Sony is offering the opportunity for people to play for free on the PlayStation Network, then you can only imagine which console is going to win in the end.

Call of Duty Gets New Lives

call_of_duty_2014The Call of Duty franchise is one that will not die off anytime soon. It is the number one video gaming franchise that is currently generating about a billion dollars per year. So as you can imagine, fans of the franchise are eagerly awaiting to find out when the release date of the next Call of Duty game is going to be. Game Informer magazine ( has already run a teaser about a 2014 release date, and they’re planning a cover story to share more details. The owner of the franchise, Activision, has released a video regarding the story of the next Call of Duty game. It hints that the story revolves around private military contractors and how corporations hire these contractors to go on actual military missions. It is kind of similar to the real life scenario surrounding the company “Blackwater” and how the federal government hired them to do missions in Afghanistan.

The story quality of Call of Duty games typically reflects their success and number of sales. Call of Duty: Ghosts was one of the weaker games of the franchise and many gamers complained that its story was terrible. But if you look at Call of Duty: Black Ops II, gamers loved the story and the number of sales it had certainly reflected that. Insiders for the next Call of Duty game say the story is going to be great and it should mirror the success of Black Ops II. Of course, the story alone will not make a decent Call of Duty game. If it did then the studios could just hire one script writer to think up a good story for the game and that would be it. Instead, Activision has three major gaming studios that are all devoted to making Call of Duty games. Why not? When you have a franchise that makes you $1 billion in annual revenue then you certainly want to have as many people working on it as possible. The three studios are Sledgehammer Games, Infinity Ward and Treyarch. Activision allows these studios to rotate the launch dates of the Call of Duty games they make every year. Sledgehammer Games is the one responsible for the next Call of Duty game that is about private military contractors. There are high hopes by both Activision and fans of the franchise that Sledgehammer will produce a great game. We shall see.

Tiny 3D Printing Pen

3D_Pen_2014Everybody has heard about 3D printers by now. These are the devices that let you create physical objects based on a 3D model that is designed on your computer. The companies that make 3D printers have been trying to find ways of creating smaller and cheaper printers because the average person cannot afford the larger-scale models on the market today. A new 3D printing gadget has just come out under the name “Lix Pen.” This 3D printer is actually a pen that you hold in your hands and draw 3D objects with in thin air. You may be wondering, “How do I draw physical objects out of thin air?” The magic behind the pen uses two cords — a USB cord and the plastic filament cord. The pen heats up the plastic filament and turns it into a hard black thread that can be drawn into the air. You basically start drawing from a hard surface and then expand upwards by connecting the black threads together with your 3D pen. If you are good at drawing pictures on paper then you will probably be successful at drawing objects with this pen. All you have to do is treat the plastic filament like ink on paper. The only difference is the “ink” goes into the air instead of on paper. To use the pen you just let it charge for a minute and then draw. You have to be careful though because the internal temperature of the pen can get over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, the pen is probably not suitable for children or at least children that are unsupervised.

Lix Pen has garnered a lot of attention and the company is accepting donations to complete its development. Their initial crowd funding goal was to raise $50,000, but they have already exceeded $600,000 in donations suggesting consumers are excited about this new technology. The company has stated that the pen will cost around $140, which is certainly cheaper than the traditional 3D printers that will typically set you back a couple thousand dollars. However, you can’t yet create functional 3D objects with the pens so it’s really a tool to get your artistic juices flowing for now. If the Lix Pen ends up being a success then the technology is bound to evolve in the future.

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