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Sony to Sell Its Vaio PC and TV Business

GreenVaioSony announced recently that it is selling its Vaio PC business as well as restructuring its TV sector. The sum of the deal is not yet disclosed but it is well thought out to be more than a £301 million. Furthermore, Sony is working to reach a more profitable agreement by the end of next month.

According to Sony this move is going to be an “optimal solution following drastic changes” in the PC market – in which we admit that Sony seemed unable to keep up with very well. The company plans to focus all its energy and efforts on the ever booming and smartphone and tablet sectors of the tech market. While Sony will stop its development, design, sales and manufacturing of the PC products, it will continue to provide after market customer services. Sony is also forecasting  job cuts of more than 5,000 staffers across its TV and PC divisions by the end of the financial year.

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Is Nokia Cheating on Microsoft?

nokia_2014Nokia to Microsoft, “I think it’s time we see other people.”

Rumors have been floating for some time that Windows Phone OEM Nokia has been two-timing Microsoft by also having an Android phone project as a backup. Yesterday the Wall Street Journal added more fuel to dire by confirming that Nokia will expose an Android device at the Mobile World Congress trade show coming up in Barcelona this month. It might seem strange and surprising for Nokia to first handover its Windows Phone maker Microsoft in exchange for a $7.2 billion only to later build an Android powered device. But let’s not forget that Windows Phone was not able to challenge Android’s market share at the lower end of the Smartphone market in total. Maybe Nokia wants to switch to Android for budget devices and that could have Microsoft get a small piece of a large portion of smartphone market pie.

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Backlit keyboards on premium laptop is must have

If you are looking for a premium laptop, having a backlit keyboard is a must have. In fact, it should be on top of your list. A laptop with SSD, touchscreen and backlit keyboard is considered a premium laptop now-a-days.

There are two kinds of backlit keyboards – one is plane white backlit and second is RGB type. You will find RGB backlit keyboards in all the top end gaming laptops. In such keyboards, one can change the color of any keys to his desire. You can even have colorful keyboards with each key having a different backlit. However, in professional laptops, you will find only white backlit keys. All those people want is a simple keyboard that they can type words on.

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