ASRock Phantom Gaming branded AMD graphics get release date

ASRock Phantom Gaming

The assembler of graphic cards, ASRock, has confirmed the date and the models that will bring to Europe in a short time. With the advent of this new assembly to these lands, we hope that finally again be something more than competition in this segment, and the price of graphics cards again down to good levels.

The market of graphic cards, after the crisis generated by the hoarding carried out by the miners, is having a gradual recovery, but, not for that reason, slower than it should be under normal circumstances. And it is not because there is still no stock of graphics cards, given that by now almost the entire stock of these has recovered completely, for both NVIDIA and AMD. Rather, the problem is that the assemblers refuse to return to the previous profit margins and prefer to keep the prices artificially inflated.


Of course, problems like those of NVIDIA, to which an assembler had to return 300,000 GPU that had no prospects of selling, can happen. This has occurred, since the demand for graphic cards has plummeted since the ASICs to mine certain very popular cryptocurrencies, have begun to extend in use among the miners. Which should begin in a short time to get rid of their stock of graphics cards used for mining.

The AMD graphics card market is distributed by six assemblers: Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Powercolor, Sapphire and XFX. With so few assemblers fighting over the cake, the truth is that we do not see too much competition between them. And, of course, the prices at which they continue to sell their products are well above the recommended retail price that AMD has for its different models. It is more than likely that the arrival of ASRock Phantom Gaming graphics cards, if the price is right, made them replant the sale price to these assemblers and we began to see authentic competition between the brands.

The brand has confirmed that it will be from next July 1 that they will be able to start buying their graphic cards in Europe. Although he has not specified whether the deployment will be pan-European or if, in fact, they will be extended from one country to the rest of European countries. The models with which you will initially disembark in Europe can be seen in the previous screenshot, and it seems that they will be limited, for the moment, to the graphics cards that use the Polaris cores of the Radeon RX 500 series.

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