Aqua Computers KryoM.2 Micro M.2 SSD up for sale

Aqua Computers KryoM.2 Micro M.2 SSD review

The specialist manufacturer of cooling systems, especially liquid cooling Aqua Computers has announced the launch of a new heatsink for M.2 format SSDs that promises to end once and for all with any type of thermal throttling that may occur in them. It is the KryoM.2 , a passive heatsink of easy installation that promises to reduce up to 40ºC the temperature of any SSD M.2 in which to install.

Several times we have told you that, depending on the type of SSD and where it is installed, most M.2 solid state devices suffer from the phenomenon called Thermal Throttling, whereby the SSD controller is forced to reduce the Performance due to a high operating temperature, with the aim of preserving its integrity.

In other words, the SSD gets so hot that it has to reduce its performance so as not to rise above temperature and not end up spoiling. This phenomenon has been boosted by state-of-the-art SSDs, especially PCI-Express NVMe, and by the fact that the M.2 sockets of the motherboards are usually located either in the zone Of the graphic card or near the southbridge.

Aqua Computers KryoM.2 Micro M.2 SSD reviews

For this reason, many manufacturers, such as Aqua Computers, have started to market special heatsinks for SSDs in M.2 format in order to avoid these temperature problems, and I really venture to predict that I do not think manufacturers will take long In selling these SSDs with integrated heaters already factory, because the problem of temperature is very real.

In any case, the kryoM.2 Micro announced by Aqua Computers promises to be a very effective solution, simple to install, and very cheap. It consists of a compact design that will not give space problems in almost any motherboard, although always depends on the layout of the M.2 socket, incorporating a passive aluminum heatsink that, with a thermal pad, will join the memory chips and Controller with it to dissipate the heat. It also includes another pad to electrically isolate the back of the device. In boxes with the socket near a fan the operating temperature of the SSD can be reduced up to 40 ° C, which is no small thing.

The Aqua Computers KryoM.2 Micro can already be booked on the manufacturer’s website at a price of 9.90 euros plus shipping they say that since it is small and weighs little shipping from Germany will cost about 5 euros, and even so Seems good price for solving any temperature problem on the SSD, the truth.

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