Antec GX909 desktop cabinet offers excellent cable management

Antec GX909 review (1)

Undoubtedly another of the key concepts of a box is the management of the cable. Without a doubt this is a case that, although the space left in the back is not very large, if it has allowed us to “hide” the cables in an efficient way and close the side cover with total simplicity. It weighs 6kg and feels solid. The dimensions are not small in any manner because we have a box of 495 mm x 210 mm x 430 mm.

The whole front is perforated to facilitate the entry of air and although in the upper part of the front the perforated is different, they are not 5,25 “bays what we found (the box has no hole for this type of bays) but which is the very aesthetics of the box. We leave the detail of the top where you can see more clearly the perforated and two USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports that gives us as a possibility the front. Once the filter has been removed, we can see the two 120 mm fans included with Antec as standard on your GX909. Although it can be seen that up to a third fan can be installed. Without a doubt the main entrance of air in the chassis from the outside is the front part and if the entrance is facilitated as it is in the case of this GX909 of Antec, the good refrigeration of the box is guaranteed. When we go to the interior you will see that there is no obstacle between the components of the PC and the front fans to facilitate the flow of air.

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Undoubtedly the price is very good for all the features offered by the box and you can know in our analysis more in detail. Of course we will not be able to look for great aesthetic waste in the form of them with RGB lights, futuristic designs or materials such as brushed aluminum but a well built box, diaphanous inside and with the identity signs of a manufacturer reference in the boxes as is Antec.

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Very good cable management
High strength thanks to 0.6 mm SECC steel
Ease of assembly
Allows multiple configurations with RL
Allows any length of market GPU (400 mm) and any air heatsink (180 mm)
A pretty good price for what it offers

It does not support E-ATX or XL-ATX cards
A very peculiar military aesthetic that many may not like

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