FreeTime Unlimited service

Amazon Kindle Fire HD is one of the best priced tablets out there. With low 13 percent tablet profit margin Amazon is practically giving away this 7-inch tablet for $199. There are hopes of course to lure the owner into purchasing some of the digital content Amazon is offering.

Amazon has a new product called FreeTime Unlimited service designed for kids of 3 to 8 years old. FreeTime membership will grant your kids access to educational apps, movies, TV shows, books, and games for $5 a month. There is no web browsing and purchasing enabled for kids.

Every new Kindle Fire HD owner gets a 30-day free trial and Amazon Prime members pay only $3 a month for FreeTime Unlimited service. There are thousands of titles available and assorted by age and gender. Kids can choose what they like and parents can add their own content to it as well. Parents can of course block certain categories and monitor and limit their kids’ play time.

Sesame Street, Disney, and DC Comics are but a few that signed up to this already. Kids have access to many apps including ‘Drawing Pad’, ‘Cut the Rope’, and ‘Kids Learn to Read’.

Offering content with hardware is nothing new and it is growing. Google Nexus 7 tablet in UK for example is being sold for about $80 with subscription to UK’s Times magazine.