ADATA Premier SP580 specs: comes with SATA 3 interface

ADATA Premier SP580 specs

ADATA Technology has announced the launch of the new family Premier SP580 of solid state devices, standard format of 2.5 inches and interface SATA 3. They are mid – range devices oriented to have a high durability, and designed for systems you have to work 24 × 7.

The Premier SP580 ADATA are capable of delivering theoretical speeds of up to 560 MB / s read and 410 MB / s writing through the use of a Marvell controller that supports chips SLC memory (Single-level cell) technology and CAHE This also allows the use of ECC technology LDPC (low density parity check error correcting code). This represents a level of TBW (total bytes written) almost twice a SSD SATA 3 Normal.

Besides this, the ADATA Premier SP580 incorporate functionality DEVSLP (device sleep), in addition to reducing power consumption when the device is idle, also works to increase the lifetime of their memory cells. Of course, all device parameters can be monitored and controlled with the ADATA SSD Toolbox software.

As you will have noticed, basically ADATA Premier SP580 SSDs are SATA 3 2.5-inch mid-range, virtually input range, which have the particularity exceptional durability. The bad part is that the manufacturer only is going to offer starting in capacities of 120 and 240 GB, although it is expected to announce models over capacity rather than later because with the price they have already SSDs this format, these abilities no longer have much sense, in my opinion.

And as SSDs are mid-range will be fairly cheap, although ADATA has not disclosed neither the price nor the release date, so we have to wait to reach stores to reveal these unknowns.

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