7 cryptocurrencies hoping to be the new cash

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Most of us have heard about cryptocurrencies and their efforts to gain entry to the world of everyday purchases. In fact, most of them are already doing extremely well, and they are anticipated to be the next form of cash taking the world by storm. Digital currencies, as they are commonly known, have numerous benefits. They are not controlled by any government, and they are very secure when used in transactions.

Most cryptocurrencies have no known origin although some states are known to have developed their own cryptocurrencies. Just to let you know, here are the 7 common cryptocurrencies that are hoping to be the new cash currently and in the near future.

Bitcoin Cash

Most people know about Bitcoin. But a few years ago, there emerged another type of cryptocurrency that grew out of Bitcoin. Surprisingly, the growth rate of Bitcoin Cash is so high that the amount in circulation is almost the same as that of Bitcoin. Its trading transactions also use a blockchain, and it is expected to gain even more popularity than many other cryptocurrencies in the world. The biggest advantage is that Bitcoin Cash has a larger block size compared to the original Bitcoin.


As of now, Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency in the world. The number of bitcoin in circulation all over the world is estimated to be above 16 million and is headed to the cap of about 21 Million. Bitcoin is one of the strongest cryptocurrencies in value, but the market capitalization fluctuates on a daily basis. Although bitcoin is considered to be the first cryptocurrency, it has had a slow growth compared to other cryptocurrencies, and some experts say that it is volatile. It is anticipated that its growth will be slower than that of many other cryptocurrencies.


This is another cryptocurrency that is highly decentralized. It is heavily traded across the world and tries to eliminate any third party. It operates like a supercomputer that is strong enough to offer the desired services to the users. The miners, who complete transactions and other blockchain operations, receive Ether as the reward. The use of Ethereum is expected to rise over time because of its security in transactions and the additional services offered by the Ethereum blockchain.


This cryptocurrency is closely related to Bitcoin. It is known to have faster transaction speeds, unlike its older sibling. Also, the fact that it is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency makes it easier to understand its operation. Even though it may be considered a little brother to Bitcoin, it has a higher limit on its total number of coins that goes all the way to 84 million. This means that it has a long way to go before reaching its limit. With the right information like that shared by https://trybe.one/, you can easily invest in this cryptocurrency.


This coin now has its own online community. Although it started as a parody currency that shows an image of a Shiba Inu dog, its market capitalization is large enough to compete with others. According to financial experts, it has now hit over USD 2 billion. As people get to know more about digital currencies, they are gaining more interest in Dogecoin due to its ease of use and stability in the market.

Ripple XRP

Unlike most other digital currencies, this is a centralized cryptocurrency that was designed to transfer money from one bank to another. Just to let you know, it works in the same way as a SWIFT money transfer. The Ripple network is popular for its security and effectiveness, making it very convenient to transfer XRP tokens. The features of this digital currency include lower volatility and high-speed transfers, which makes it one of the most reliable options out there.


NEO originates from China, which is one of the most populous countries in the world. It is also one of the biggest economies, and any cryptocurrencies originating from this country are expected to be very popular. This cryptocurrency is meant to support business transactions and contract agreements in an excellent way. It is also the choice of businesses in the new smart economy.

Now that you know the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world, you can research more to understand them better. Also, it is beneficial to carefully invest in one.

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